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it is the about me for your eyes and/or ears 

dysfunction mood where i'm just eating the leftover pretzel salt instead of getting sustenance

whining about parent 

opening some quick #commissions again! sketches ($15) and gentle flats ($25), but i can do icons and detailed pieces too!


happy 12th birthday to none pizza with left beef

a yearly luxury: putting the fuzzy blanket back under the duvet

one of the better things in life is when you hold your cat's tail and they let you, but the tip wiggles

never had a brain before and that's not gonna stop me now

except for when it does all the time

kink i guess, but mostly just yearning 


hauled out the chainsaw and cut down some old dead branches that've been on my Cut List for a while.

now there's a little window in the tree biz and i can see a little area of flat ground that could be used for something else.

attempting to exist/be present is harder than it should be.

also i got my bike back yesterday! so that's nice

i think i put my braincell down Somewhere Safe

dropped my bike off at the new bike shop today to get it checked! Soon:tm: i will have a bike again

parent, neg/irritated 

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