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it is the about me for your eyes and/or ears 

time again huh?

sup, i'm catter, i draw many things. awoo is my personal/text feed, and is my art feed.

* super for 20 years babey!
* i'm a nh great bay local, just transplanted from ca bay area
* i do a Lot of digital for someone with sleepy depression
* i take , and would love to draw every oc
* i'm very super , firmly centered in my nb polygon
* i like doing research, and have Approximate Knowledge of many things

really just stopped existing publically for a bit, huh?

nothing new. still Fatigued, except now i also have a temp retail job/workout.

:thaenkin:​ if i were to make Tiny Stickers (1in on smaller) what would y'all be interested in seeing? potion bottles? tiny treasures? badges?

annoyed, capitalism catch 22 

i don't have credit. not *low* credit, i have n/a credit.

i wanna gain credit by using a cc as a door to pay for bills i already know i can cover.

i go apply online at my regular bank. denied: no credit
apply online at a local credit union. notice: no credit. no further communication.
apply in person at local bank. denied: no credit.

i just want a little door. i don't want to pay a whole month's income for an unsecured cc.

wanna do things but i have no: ideas, motivation, plans, or real oomph. i have the materials to do things, but the doing itself isn't happening.

parent, >:/ 

parents be like, "I see that you are in the middle of a task you like to do/is important to you. I am going to interrupt you and 'ask' you to do a different one, and check back every five minutes to see if you've done it yet. I will not take no for an answer, and no you cannot finish your task first."

tired/whine, parent 

rubs face. i hesitate to say she's getting dumber, but she just asked me to figure out why she couldn't save something to an online location she hadn't logged into, and was confused/frustrated why it didn't Just Work.

i swear she used to be able to navigate this sort of thing easier.....

hi i'm at furcon and taking commissions, $20 for a sketch, inquire for color, bribe for quick'n'fast!!! i'm loving all the stuff here but i gotta fund up to get it aaa

thinking about doing something really hard doesn't actually make the thing have happened, and i'm frustrated about it

i need. a pumpkin stuffed with minced beef rolled into my enclosure for enrichment. aaaa

i think i wanna try commissions again. hmu for some $15 sketches or some shit, trying to get my groove back.

parent, misgendering 

mom has stopped calling me her daughter, and uses kid instead.

but, even after asking, consistently uses she.

her husband still calls me a girl, after frequent reminders i'm not.

shhhh there's a secret in here 

it's my birthday!?

weird. i'm 27 now tho, hopefully this one will be better than the last one.

dysfunction mood where i'm just eating the leftover pretzel salt instead of getting sustenance

whining about parent 

there's like a 50/50 chance that when i talk about something that i think is exciting or interesting or funny, mom will mishear/misunderstand and needs the joke/thing explained, but then gets tetchy if i get confused why she's confused, because i was being careful to be clear, because she does this a lot

but sometimes it vibes really well and we both get excited

tfw you respond and they only listen to the first and last word :/

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