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@Mycroft ay i've got a silly/fun mtg question:

a petsite i'm on lets you name them, and both Yawgmoth and Phyrexia are available, but I only have space for one. Who should I go with? (I already snagged Memnarch)

i've often been able to successfully explain Sonas, fur or otherwise, to people outside of the (generally queer/furry) culture with: 

The (mental) image of yourself that makes your heart feel Smile the most.

if you like being represented by yourself! tadah! that's your sona! it's you!

if you wanna be a large sparkly space robot/AI who protects newly-formed planets from space debris, tadah! that's your sona! that's you!

it's a way of putting it in a perspective of self-enjoyment/fulfillment/love for people who Just Don't Get It on first contact.

what's up lads i'm unmotivated and zoning out on today's episode of Today

self-care/Doing Stuff update 

kondo'd my wardrobe and closet and came out with a big pile, took out my room trash and the house trash, hung up some of the last of my clothes from their Move Packaging.

still haven't like. eaten anything besides coffee and two pieces of bread, but y'know. one foot then the other.

Subtleties is live!!!

like #ghoststory mysteries in modern settings? this #webcomic might just be your jam!

aah i'm so excited to have this up... it'll be updating on a Tues/Fri schedule!

'hey catter, what kind of music have you been listening to recently?'

oh, y'know, hour-long ambient tracks and youtube royalty free audio artists....

uncommonly noticed but useful lv5 artist skill: being able to eyeball reasonable odd-numbered divisions.

late night food mood 

-two discs of homemade pickled zucchini
-one spoonful of rice
-1c protein mix
-morning's leftover coffee

public polling:

if you were to make an achievement for executive dysfunction things, such as 'did the laundry' and 'put away the dishes', what would it be?

pokemon go catch 

pugged a 7man group tonight for a palkia!! :cheer:

a good noise: the distant cackling of my extremely masc roomate scooping up the smallest of our cats as she cries in excited mania

in related news: risk of rain and boi/boi:a are good for solving this. the item/power snowball effect is Real Good

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feeling bad about how much control you have over your life/situation? see if cheating at videogames is right for you!

tbh now that i'm done working in Coloring Phase, i have to remember how sketching works

update: minus the cover, i have completed the first chapter of subtleties! to.. post it somewhere..............

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