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Trump Tower is currently on fire. This is useful for plurals in general.

instacart, union busting 

instacart is laying off 2,000 of its 10,000 employees, including every single employee who voted to unionize.

can I get a good rousing "fuck instacart" going in the chat

Amazon anti-unionization efforts, twitter link (San Diego Socialist Rifle Association)

"Amazon has put up this anti unionization propaganda website. Whatever you do, DO NOT flood their “contact us” page with random memes and spam."

That site is

Remember, absolutely do not include phrases such as "my co-workers were talking about unionizing" and "I found this flyer in my warehouse" as they may cause their algorithms to flag your submission for review by a person instead of an algorithm.

COVID, Anger 

Just found out via the State of Washington that I and my coworkers are not eligible for the Coronavirus vaccine at this time.

We work directly with raw sewage before it even gets to the treatment facilities.

We're not being considered healthcare workers despite what we do being fucking imperative.

us pol 

100 day moratorium on deportations is a start. Getting people out of detention and into housing would be better.

“So what do you think about the late winter?”

Well, It’s getting harder to deer these days. I’ve been deering for three years now and hope to keep deering for the next ten. Winter is tough deering anyway

“Thank you, deer. Back to you, April”

lewd, bdsm, funny 

🤣 i'm dying from imagining it

someone better boop my cat pic. she's older than dirt, but still likes to sleep at my head

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