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i spend most of my time on these days

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hey #BlackMastodon Do any of y'all have resources for like programming jobs with black owned companies?

North Carolina lawmakers are considering HB808 / SB639 this very week, which will block gender-affirming care to trans youth. If you are in the state, contact your legislator.

#uspol #lgbtq #nc #ncpol

I have sufficient reason and evidence to believe that I was terminated from Rune Labs in retaliation for protected anti-discrimination whistleblowing activity.

Normally, NDA would prohibit me from disclosing this. However, thanks to Washington’s Silenced No More Act, my ability to speak about discrimination, harassment, or retaliation that I have witnessed in the workplace is legally protected.

🔊Boosts appreciated.

#trans #lgbtq #discrimination #layoffs #tech

responsible part of my brain: ok codl lets do something creative before bedtime
responsible part of my brain: no not like that. this doesnt count

tomorrow is my birthday!!!

if you'd like to get me a gift, i am accepting mutual aid for bills, medical care, and groceries. just had a doctors appt and have meds that need to be picked up. is$xenocat
venmo is @ xenocat
and stripe is

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #mybirthday #disabledaid #transaidrequest

urgent: trans girl needs to eat pls boost 

please keep boosting if you can, I don't get paid for another week and I'm running really low 9n food

anything helps!

hospitals and clinics ending mandatory masking might be my villain origin story

Well, folks, my latest Wired column is live. It's about the urgent need for publicly visible displays of trans joy and resistance, and how popular social media platforms provide every incentive to suppress it in favour of terror, despair, and doom.

Having seen so many of my fellow trans people afraid that no one is noticing the far-right's attacks on trans rights, or that no one is speaking out or fighting back, I felt it was time to push back on the algorithmic doom.

The earliest evidence of humans eating olives goes back about 100,000 years. People first started making olive oil about 8000 years ago, and the oldest living olive tree is said to be up to 4000 years old. The history of olive oil is longer than actual history!

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In other news, I may have spent all day working on an article about the ancient history of olive oil and OMG, it is an absolute rabbit hole.

Missouri is now asking people to "submit a complaint or concern about gender transition intervention you have experienced or observed in Missouri."

would be a shame if people flooded this with complaints about Missouri's legislative assault on trans people

…Discoveries resulting from this post:

- It is technically not possible to post the EICAR standard antivirus test file into a Mastodon database because "@ AP" will be detected as a mention and modified in the raw status to add HTML (EDIT: and be lowercased!). ( )

- Every time someone attempts to post the EICAR test file on Mastodon, a notification is sent to a gone user named "Andrew Pierno", who signed up in 2016 and made exactly one post before abandoning the account

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