k, i want to get up and to the piercing place but also i am really tired and unsure if i can make that happen today — might just wait until thursday, when i go get the industrial done, for my third nostril piercing to be done.

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The “SE” in “iPhone SE” stands for “Small Edition”

gross/pain (-) 

uuugh, i hope something y’all never have to experience is the sound and feel of your joints crunching when you flex them. that was,,, extremely unpleasant

help i cannot stop crafting commander decks

chronic illness (~) 

idk i guess i moves around too much today?? i’m incredibly sore and i’m not sure why. ugh

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also theorizing how to make a demons deck to go with the angels deck. sorry not sorry i really love my gothic horror

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i would really like to build a green/red elves deck but there doesn’t seem to be enough red to splash. i would like to make something fun with hallar, maybe i can make the kicker effect synergize off red spells enough to make it worth it?

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so i have two commander decks built, one mardu w/ alesha and one zombies with lili. currently workshopping some more commander decks with an enchantments deck and an angels deck. brainstorming one with elves, though i haven’t decided which colors to run that yet (apart from green, obviously)

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Co-worker, walking into my office holding succulent: You know about plants right?
Me: Some?
Co-worker: Can I separate this plant up or do I need to repot?
Me: No idea. Google it.
Co-worker: Okay, it's a succubus, right?
Me: Succulent. It's a succulent.
Co-worker:What's the difference?
Me: a succubus drains your soul through sex. A succulent is a plant.
Co-worker: Wow, okay. I guess a succubus would be a really odd gift to give a co-worker.

ffs i don’t want to run my own instance but at the same time am really annoyed that there is no way to have remote follows authorized for interacting with individuals on non-whitelisted instances in such a way that doesn’t expose the rest of the folks on the instance.

looking for some help in finding an incremental backup system for windows that can backup my tablet to my synology NAS.

i finally got around to finishing the expanse, third season was,,, weird. though it has me on a gritty space-opera kick and now i'm rewatching battlestar galactica

chronic illness (~) 

i don't know what is going on this morning but my hands feel awful and i think i need to tell my doctor about this; i'm terrified

hmmm, I've having a weird problem with my apple tv; on screens of mostly black, the whole display goes dark. this is exclusive to the apple-tv and not cable or hook-up specific

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For my entire IT career, I've worked on internal systems so I've never really been able to show off the kinds of things I do all day. Hearthstone gave me a personal side project that shows off the kinds of things I do day to day (data collection, cleansing, data viz, etc) and helps pro players in the process. That's pretty satisfying.

Anyway, these are Hearthstone tournament decks visualized. I'm pretty proud of how this keeps evolving. #gaming #Hearthstone

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please tell me that i am not the only one that feels like games with community events should always publish an ics file so that i can keep track. i desperately want such a thing for destiny 2 and i don’t think such a thing exists

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