Double-timing working on my own site for uploading comics and game projects I want to get off the ground has a certain...

"I'm not leaving [bird site]" while wearing a parachute vibe to it.

For every minute I spent playing the game, I spent ten perusing walkthroughs and guides, that did *not* help at all.

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I think my main issue with Divinity 2, is it is an expansive RPG with many quests and I am terrified of making the wrong decisions for my character build, missing out on secrets and treasure, and don't want to wind up late-game too weak and broke to progress.

I want to get back into ANSI art real bad. No one else that I'm aware of in the fandom even knows it exists, apart from the weirdo programmer furries.

Oh no. I love her. Also fitting I'd go back to playing as a Lizard. Played one years ago with me trying to get lone wolf benefits with Red Prince. But the save is currently incompatible as they've updated since.

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Mildly Horny 

Good thing I can't focus on anything, as if I didn't tab out I wouldn't have notice the Firewall Permissions Box it needed to load up the next scene.

I also love how such immersive RPGs are gussied up dating simulators, I can't remember how horny this was compared to dragon age but I really want the Red Prince to do me.

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Got my snacks: a small ceramic bowl of walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, juicy prunes, and some squares of fairtrade orange dark chocolate. Breadsticks with Tzatziki dip, and a non-alcoholic cider (as I am very much *trying* to drink less heavily)

Let's Roll.

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I told everyone else on every other site that I'm taking the weekend off to focus on art.

I lied. I am not. I spent the time creating a perch at my desk, in slow holy ritual, to lose myself in a long-winded RPG where I can bask in utterly complete escapism away from the social media rat race for attention.

The game? Divinity: Original Sin 2.

FROM THE PVTREXN: January 2022's patron sketches!! some BIG moods going on here. ha ha. do you get it. macro. ha ha,

I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but I'm pretty sure the queen's dead and they've been covering up her death for the past three years.

Superheroine in Peril, Flaming Strapon 

When I rule the world, I'm gonna make you sweat
ft. Kraken's Minion, and my Fiona Slaine as the hero Firewall who's fire resistance is about to be put to the test.

Spanking, dacryphilia 

ft. Masqfisher's Temple, superheroine OC who insisted on the tears.

The year is 2068. Bethesda has just released Skyrim: Protogen Edition

Turns out there is a thing as 'too much garlic' if you've got an Allium Sensitivity.

I keep forgetting it makes me nauseaus, I thought the exact protein would be denatured with the time it took to cook.

Tentacles, Superheroine in Peril, Villain 

Power Struggle
Ft. Power Cat, belongs to Furinkazan/Pitfallpup

How to get better at game design, as I understand it:
1. Try to design something and realize it's hard
2. Realize you really should practice designing & testing systems
3. Struggle to come up with enough interesting design thought experiments on your own
4. Decide to just design when the experiments come to you
5. Design a system whenever someone says "huh, I wonder how you'd do X in a game"
6. oh no
7. you've activated your designer brain
8. now you're designing even when you don't mean to
9. how are you going to test all these systems
???. Ta da, you're good at game design now.

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