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about me (v2) 

pronouns [she/her | they/them]
trans non-binary
panromantic & demisexual
28 years of age

anxiety and depression
median system ( raine, ashe, embers)

Please boost! Abuse mention. 

Please help my friend Juno escape her abusive household. Any little amount helps, with rent and travel and whatnot. Seriously, any amount can make a difference. Please share this around!

Pupitar prefers damp places. A mushroom grown larger than the bug host. Burrows under the ground.

So what exactly is blaseball? (1/3) 

Blaseball is a splort that's very similar to the sport of baseball as you know it.

To "play" blaseball, you bet in-game currency on blaseball games that happen every hour. If you bet correctly, you get coins which can be put towards things like increasing your max bet, increasing your passive income when the team you chose as your favourite wins a game, and buying votes.

Each vote can be spent at the Election, which lets the fans change the rules of the next season of blaseball. For example, in the past fans have voted for the Fourth Strike, which is a buff given to the 4 worst teams of the previous season, causing their batters to get 4 strikes before being out instead of 3.

You can also put your votes into the Blessing raffle. Blessings are buffs given out to teams chosen at random at the end of each season, but that random choice is weighted by how many votes that team's fans put in (after all, it's a raffle). That could be things like general stat increases, but it could also be things like Legendary Items. For example, a player named Jessica Telephone received an extraordinarily powerful bat that made her the best batter in the league. The fans dubbed it The Dial Tone, and that name eventually became canon when the devs added it to the site.

Which brings me to what's actually interesting about blaseball...

charity, help, 9/7 update 

Down to $200 left still. Going to put a percentage of whatever is in there to rent tonight and just, not eat until I get paid again.

I got and accepted a job offer, but I won't start until at least the 15th, so the earliest I would be paid would be the 25th.
My unemployment claim remains unchanged and still not fixed.

I massively appreciate any help and boosts! $hax

#help #charity

Fuck, my cell is turned off, and my unemployment got fucked up so I need to halt spending. And also need to get calls from potential job leads. Can anyone help with $150 of it?

That will turn it on and I can hopefully pay the rest later.

#help #charity

This Hoopa has passed. The spikes on their faces. Its cute act is perfect.

You're in The Maybe Zone.
The sound of a ringing phone comes from afar and loosely scattered maybes are floating in place.

What if we put a bunny's head on top of Princess Peach's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

So uh apparently OESC (Oklahoma unemployment agency basically) is jerking me around and I really have no money for food or bills. I have no idea at this point if or when I'll be able to collect unemployment again, and I don't have any work prospects til the 15th.

Please help? I'm desperate.

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