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Roses are what we tend to call the color red as the most common color perception. Unless they're pink, or yellow, or you're color-blind and see a different shade we can't even describe. Or you're a bee, or a dog, etc.
Violets are, well, violet mostly. It's how the flower was named.
This isn't really a poem, more like an extended pendantic free verse at this point.
Also, I use the term 'love' towards you, specifically in the romantic sense, but also in the familial and communal fashion.


Given your current icon effect, your display name's more like Twinkle Toy. :-D

Hey, how many people have sent you the recent XKCD comic related to your work, so far? :-P

Video Essay about Psychedelia in film 

This is a really good short video essay! Covers a lot of what we tend to consider basic postfurry aesthetics, too.

no context theater 

"I'm Tam Bodette from Spaceport Six, and we'll leave the landing lights on for ya."

mh (?) 

Struggling the last few days with a mood of apathy and anhedonia. Not really sure where it came from, not really sure how to banish it.

Of course, that's part of the problem, too. :-/


Hey, question for you! Your fake internet company stickers got mentioned somewhere recently, and several folks have been racking their brains trying to figure out of the yellow one "The Internet Just Keeps Happening" is based on any actual 90s-era logo! Did you make that one up, or base it on something? :-}

Dead Cells videojames 

Holy shit. With the new rebalancing update, especially the one where enemies and bosses scale less over time, I finally beat Hand of the King for the first time!

kink shitpost; lewd 

So if you're a critter made of goo, when you get all aroused, you start dripping:

shitpost; drug reference 

"What'd you do tonight?"

"Oh, got really stoned."

"Yeah? What'd you do?"

"Oh, a lot of nothing and a bit of everything."


(No really, I played the game Donut County, and then a bit of the game Everything.)

re: Comics; context 

However, I do prefer to cite sources and context when I can, so:

Pictured on the left: Otto Octavius, in his civilian guise of Professor Elliot Tolliver. His body is a clone of Peter Parker with some Otto DNA thrown in, his mind is the same Otto who transferred into Peter's head to escape death, became the Superior Spider-Man for a time, and for a while was stuck in the body of the Living Brain robot (green thing in back left).

In this panel: Anna Maria, a genius who fell for Otto when he was Peter but later broke up with him when the deception was broken, has recognized Otto in his new body and confronted him, about to arrest him because he's a villain (except he's not, he's trying to be Spider-Man again). Except in the middle of their discussion, the news comes on with some emergency monster attacking the city. Otto makes this face at Anna to say 'going to let me go handle that'?

This is from Superior Spider-Man #1 (a new series), by Christos Gage and Mike Hawthorne.

See? Told you it was funnier without. :-P

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Hot take: The planet of Pandora (from the film Avatar) + water = Neptune/Halcyon. :-)

Obscure earworm 

I'm not sure if it's a comforting thought or not, the notion that I might very well be the only person in the world with the "Captain Vegetable" song from classic Sesame Street stuck in my head on loop.

Kinkbait; inflation 

Aimed mostly at @Oneironott !

(Via the comic Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)

drug reference (sorta); puns 

When the manager signing my lease was telling me about the no smoking policy, I asked "What about vaping?"
She actually didn't know what I was talking about.
Yeah, I don't know either, I was kinda mistified.

I live about two blocks from this place, and they have neon signs in the windows about how awesome science is. And then I saw this!

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