Peak Whole Foods 

Me: walking into the elevator after a 'quick run' to Whole Foods for some essentials that ended up way more money than it really needed to be.

Someone walking out of the elevator, almost as if perfectly timed for entrance into the store: "And it feels good to not be so *wasteful*."

Twilight-zone-esque curse idea 

You get cursed to literally see the truth.

This ruins all modern media. Every digital manipulation is transparent. You can no longer see CGI. Anything shot with a green screen, you see only the people and the green screen itself. Any motion capture rig you just see instead of the character it represents.

Animation is an almost entirely blank screen. Oddly enough, though, older traditional animation (sequential photographs of cels) work just fine.

Practical special effects still work, so for example the original versions of the Star Wars films are good, but the prequels and even sequels are almost unwatchable. Rotoscoping still seems okay.

You become an expert on films shot in the 80s on back.

Self promotion; music 

I did a set last night for furries to dance to! And I recorded it!
Here's the link if you want listen! :-)

It's Free Comic Book Day this weekend and if you're attending, make sure you support your local comic shop by also buying a thing or two! <3 (And maybe take a look at their indie/self-pub shelf if they have one WINK)

Game dev lament; filk of sorts 

​🎶 "You code sixteen gigs, whattaya get
another day gone and deeper sleep debt
I'm makin' big money but I can't spend a dime
Workin' eighty hours a week mandatory crunch time" 🎶

(taking off of ehich inexplicably made it into the Fallout 76 radio soundtrack.)

* Disclaimer: not a game dev myself.

Magic the Gathering shitpost; video 

Woah, the new live-action trailer for War of the Spark is crazy!

name of rap band shitpost pun 

I recently played Mad Verse City (one of the Jackbox party games from Pack 5, where you make up raps for robots). Turns out I'm decent at throwing down sick burns in rhyme.

BRB, starting a Tesla-punk rap group called Run The Joules.

You know, I fail at social media. I had this whole set uploaded from the Bark Loud Speakeasy event with FetchNW, and I think I forgot to share it here!
So... a month late, here it is!

Dream-based story seed 

A 'magical [girl] squad' setup, except after the show has ended.

Someone stumbles on a ship that was once the headquarters of such a squad. The Big Bad has long since been defeated. The AI mission-giver in the ship is a bit loopy and without purpose. It wants new recruits, now that it's woken back up, but it doesn't know what for.

There's technology (magic) just laying around the ship that's vastly more advanced than anything on this entire planet.

The first discoverer, a social psych graduate student in a university, comes back the next day with friends. Students from behavioral psych, computer science, physics, engineering, and anthropology. They form a squad of six, get the usual costumes and powers--and completely ignore them, getting to work on very different projects.

The compsci major analyzes the ship's computer system and figures out what there is that can be hacked into. The physics and engineering majors try to reverse-engineer the high levels of technology and try to find uses for it. Anthropology gets to work out how human culture across the planet would react to the introduction of near-miraculous technology--and how to release it in stages without letting on where it's coming from. The social psych gets to wrangle everyone and be the 'team leader'. And behavioral psych gets to play therapist to a neurotic AI, easing their madness and convincing them of their mission.

They proceed to change the world, without fighting.

Self-congrats; DJing 

Aaaaaaaa, finished my opening DJ set, first time in a club event thing! I think it went well. Had tons of fun!

hair selfie; eye contact; final 

Better shot at home, once I could comb to one side. Shows off the blue tips!

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hair selfie; eye contact; cont'd 

Phase 3: Radiative lightening, nanoscrub.

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hair selfie; eye contact; cont'd 

Phase 2: tinfoil hat and appropriately-colored mind control helmet.

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