Peak Whole Foods 

Twilight-zone-esque curse idea 

Self promotion; music 

It's Free Comic Book Day this weekend and if you're attending, make sure you support your local comic shop by also buying a thing or two! <3 (And maybe take a look at their indie/self-pub shelf if they have one WINK)

Game dev lament; filk of sorts 

Magic the Gathering shitpost; video 

name of rap band shitpost pun 

You know, I fail at social media. I had this whole set uploaded from the Bark Loud Speakeasy event with FetchNW, and I think I forgot to share it here!
So... a month late, here it is!

Dream-based story seed 

Self-congrats; DJing 

hair selfie; eye contact; final 

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hair selfie; eye contact; cont'd 

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