so hey lately I've come to realize I probably have some form of EDS, given that a lot of my pain problems seem to be associated with always hyperextending joints and all my life my kneecaps have had a tendency to pop out of their joints a little bit

so maybe DDR isn't the best game for me to play

(I haven't played it much lately because it just like... hurts my knees too much, and my doctor said I should probably stop)

although if I could just find my damn knee braces I'll probably be fine

I really should finish unpacking one of these days

right now a big part of my pain is actually coming from my big toes and I think that some EDS toe splints might be called for. Anyone have recommendations?

@fluffy That's probably the smart decision.

Deconditioning and EDS are not exactly a fun mixture. Learned that the hard way during the eternal March of 2020.

@emmy yeah I definitely feel better when I've been playing DDR regularly. And it's also fun to stream it, and since I'm on disability leave right now I wouldn't mind building up an audience with maybe the chance of having another source of income when I inevitably decide not to go back

@fluffy Yeah smart.

Though there is a risk of your employer accusing you of fraud.

@emmy There's more to the leave than just pain, and my employer is very understanding about the complex issues which led to this.

@fluffy Yeah that's frustrating.

2020 has me pretty burnt out, and my uni won't let me keep my insurance unless I'm enrolled.

Thank god Spring insurance covers summer as well.

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