It's weird how as the Zelda series has progrsesed it feels like it has fewer enemies, not more

the cd-i games have a wider variety of enemies than BotW

@lifning like I mean goriyas were always my favorite (especially their Zelda II incarnation) but also look at the wide variety of enemies in the games, and how in BotW there's, like, five

@lifning well okay more than five but still, most of the enemy variety is in the form of "this one is an *ice* version, this one's a *fire* version" as opposed to actually having monsters that fit into ecological niches like in the older games

@fluffy yeahh like the intuitive map in my head of "the peahats are in this central-ish region, the lynels are up in the mountains, the leevers are on the beach and desert" that appears immediately when i think of zelda 1. the extent of actually distinct monster types being spread regionally that way in botw is extremely limited

@lifning BotW at least did that somewhat with the wildlife, at least, but yeah there just aren't many kinds of monster

Bokoblin, moblin, lynel, lizalfos, octorok, and keese are the only normal monsters I can think of offhand, and then of course there's a handful of boss types like hinox, molduga, and talus. And molduga's the only one that's regional, the rest are just like... everywhere.

When did bokoblins get so iconic to the series, anyway? Weren't they new to Wind Waker?

@fluffy yeah they were added in Wind Waker, then a more grotesque version appeared in Twilight Princess, then they were the annoying extremely common enemy in Skyward "nintendo hates disabled people" Sword that you had to slash a certain direction to even damage.

@lifning and then meanwhile moblins have changed so much… they used to be these bulldog grunt things that were just like common and easily-dispatched, now they’re these weird aardvark things that are a major deal

and what’s the deal with how the Zora massively changed from fish monster with an uneasy relationship with Hylians, to sexy love interests with anatomically-unsound heads?

@fluffy WW was the "big deal" step for moblins, and depicted them as big burly pigs - through a certain lens, i think BotW's moblins look kinda like "what if that WW design, but they were all extremely malnourished"

and yeah OoT was definitely very kind to the Zora when reimagining them, lol. I'm guessing the thematic requirements of the story[1] required Link to be engaged to the water sage, and they probably couldn't make that work with the old design, and then they just ran with that version of the Zora for the rest of the series (save for ALBW of course)

[1. ]

@lifning back when the OoT friendly zora thing happened my thoughts were that the results of the events of OoT would have caused the zora to become withdrawn and hostile, explaining their vastly different appearance and behavior in the prior games, but then the later games happened


@lifning like seriously I need to see what their skeleton looks like because either they have two completely separate spines or they have a spine which runs directly through their brain and it makes no sense at all

@fluffy oh "what if human was the *bottom* half of the centaur, and also fish instead" makes far too much sense wow

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