"We should have brought a camera," says Captain Archer, hiking in the wilderness, carrying a phaser and a communicator but no cellphone with a camera.

It's a great reminder that Enterprise was made in a time before cameraphones.

For that matter, you know how weird it seems that it was a big deal that the ship's computer had copies of 50,000 movies and they were all old crap from the 1960s and earlier, in SD?

Here's your reminder that Enterprise also predated YouTube.

When Enterprise first aired I remember it being one of the first times I’d downloaded a video that was in better than 480p resolution, and it was difficult to play it well. I’m pretty sure it was in DivX;-) format because h.264 didn’t exist in any meaningful way at the time.

It was also probably one of the first things I’d downloaded via the then-new BitTorrent protocol.

It’s ridiculous how long ago the last broadcast Star Trek TV series was.

So it’s kind of cool how all of the current series are Internet-service first. Somehow they aren’t as good as Enterprise though. Well, except Lower Decks.

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