Yesterday I had such a bad experience with my doctor that today I’m going to be seeking a new doctor. There was an accumulation of papercuts that was bad enough but yesterday I had an appointment with her which was absolutely AWFUL.

Anyone in the Seattle area know of any good trans-friendly chronic-disorder-savvy general practitioners, ideally in West Seattle or Burien and without a long-ass waiting list?

I already know about Rongitsch; I used to see her and she was really good but I had to switch because of insurance reasons and unfortunately she always has an ENORMOUS waiting list, plus downtown Seattle is further away than I want to go anymore.

Basically, I’m in White Center and my mobility/transportation access is limited, don’t make me drive 45+ minutes on the freeway to get to them

While we’re on it, Dr. Fields at Kaiser Capitol Hill is also amazing, but he’s also way too far away, and Kaiser in general is pretty hit-or-miss (especially with chronic disorder shit). And of course Kaiser has strict insurance requirements (namely, you have to be a member of their HMO).

The doctor I’m going to be contacting today is Jonathan Wells who seems pretty good at least on paper but I haven’t heard any specific recommendations aside from seeing him listed in My Trans Health. He checks all the right boxes for me though (apparently 10% of his patients are trans, and he focuses on chronic issues, although I think that might just be HIV/AIDS and not fibro/EDS).

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