i have decided that it's finally time for me to watch avengers infinity war

literally the first thing i did when i got home was jump in the shower

my brain does not function like ordinary brains. this was true even before chemo but after chemo it just stops working every once in a while. i just freeze, processing stops, and i start to cry

i'm prepped and ready for everything going horribly wrong!!

you may be asking, why am i using a gooey avatar on a sfw twitter?

i'm gooey. that's why.

i am DESPERATELY hoping that the therapist i'm going to see today is any good because wow i need a therapist

i am going to be the only person to ever use mastodon light theme

aw dang is notbird.site blocked here cause i have friends on there

that's right, i'm too lazy to set up a masto instance on my own server, which is far more fittingly named at bawk.space

hello mastodon, i am the pink bird, i'm finally my main on masto

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