On the other hand, a staple of the internet is at risk of disappearing. I can't count the number of times I was searching for information and located it on Reddit. A huge trove of public information is at stake.

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This whole Reddit situation is equal parts funny and sad to me.

On the one hand, I find Reddit's whole deal hilarious. The content is user generated and the moderation is done by volunteers. The only costs they should have is the infrastructure and staff maintaining it. I'm pretty sure their biggest cost is due to their bone headed decision to start hosting their own video and images years ago.

Just finished the new story content this week in Dragonflight and I was not prepared for these feels

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(Worgen can't be Paladin's so it's just all her back story, they're just fuzzy humans blizzard fucking let me have fun)

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Updated my Paladin's design and such earlier today. This was the second character I ever made just after my Druid. They've gone through some major revisions but I finally settled on making her a fake worgen back in Warlords.

Adjusted her a bit since ~15 years of objective time have passed in game and I figure she's getting old and tired of all this shit. The new human heritage armor is pretty neat.

Also decided I'm going to take this expack with her.

NSFW, furry, massive bonkhonagahoogs 

Splurged and bought myself a birthday present.

Watched the new D&D trailer recently and absolutely brain poisoned myself. So here is Gabs as an owlbear. Probably will keep her this way for the foreseeable future.

Art is by Spearfrost furaffinity.net/user/spearfros

So guess who forgot to replace the furnace filter last month? I was wondering why the furnace was running constantly for nearly 2 days trying to keep up with the below -30°C temps outside.

The last two places I'd been living I never had to worry about it. The first was the basement suite I lived in during university and it was handed by the tenants renting upstairs.

The second was a townhouse that had this old electronic one from Sears that stopped working long before I moved in.

Dragonflight Launch (Spoilers? I'm not even out of stormwind yet) 


I think I have now actually settled on their design. The ability to just be able to re-customize whenever I want is awesome.

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Pandemic venting 

I feel like everyone else who played by the rules and did the right thing the last two years, exhausted. Now, our governments just want to suck their fingers in their ears and pretend like the pandemic is over and our healthcare workers and elderly are going to pay the price.

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Pandemic venting 

My dad just tested positive this morning for Covid. He's got a high fever and is coughing. I'm more pissed off than anything else, really. He's a paramedic and has been being really careful throughout the pandemic to stay safe, got triple vaxxed, doesn't go out at all, sanitizes regularly, etc. He should be fine, but now he can't work.

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