Hi all! We're once again short on grocery money. We need basic stuff like bread and milk.

I weirdly get paid on the 15th from my new job but we have no income for the next week and need food and travel money


Update, Urgent, asking for financial help for rent 

£291/£700! Nearly halfway there!

Update, Urgent, asking for financial help for rent 

£291/£700! Nearly halfway there!

I am unfortunately filled with bones and an uncomfortable amount of knowledge about the CIPD


I'm doing a website content transfer for this temp job

I'm tired of the CMS already

And people


Asking for financial help, urgent 

Got service restored but we now have 36p between us. I start my new job tomorrow and have nothing to take for breakfast or lunch

My commissions are open and donations are too


Need just a lil bit of commission work to get us through
basic colour + shading
Full body - £35
Half body - £25
Bust £15

Fully rendered/painted
Full body - £45
Half body - £35
Bust - £25

Icons - £7
Animal/pet portraits - £15


I'm finally starting to get over this cold! My eyes are still a little dry but I can keep them open without wanting to perish and my sinuses have cleared up so much

I can start working on stuff again!

I'm getting people I don't know follow my old masto . social account that I haven't used in years but still get the email notifs for

Cool I guess?


Adding to the shit show of the past week, I've got a cold (and hopefully not covid)

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet spoilers 

They made Tentacool even worse somehow

Fuck I hate that thing now that it can walk

So here's a couple of Warhammer Underworlds warbands I painted recently, both in very different styles.

I've also been a busy little journo/critic bee, writing about games both video and tabletop. For some reason, people are willing to give me money for this.


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