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new commission post! i've simplified my pricing so hopefully it's easier to get around!

DM me for more details or to claim a slot
NSFW, furry and non-furry, robots, OCs, and existing characters all welcome
Payment up front through PayPal invoice
Extra character +50% of original price

Headshot -£20
Half body - £30
Knees/thighs up - £40
Full body - £50

Fully rendered
Headshot - £35
Half body - £45
Knees/thighs up - £55
Full body - £70

Eugenics mention, animal illness mention 

They see being ridgeless as a genetic fault! Despite the ridge causing spina bifida!

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Eugenics mention, animal death mention 

The dog doesn't have a ridge? Not a Ridgeback, kill it

Rich people and these dog breeders are fucking awful

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Eugenics mention, nazi mention 

I'm here like "that's Nazi shit"

And then this documentary is like "this is Nazi shit"

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Eugenics mention 

So uh

The Kennel club was formed from eugenicist beliefs which yeah makes sense

Like "we believe in pure humans and also pure dogs"

So fuck the Kennel club

Uni things 

Got a merit on my second anatomy assignment (the bullshit one) and I'm honestly surprised

Like in a good way

someone just asked if they could get my art tattooed on them and im so happy

I'm not short but i am small emotionally

Mh musing, drug mention 

I just need the speed weed

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Mh musing 

Considering crowdfunding so I can get a private ADHD diagnosis cuz the NHS is so bogged down and their mental health services are Not Good anyway

Like I legit told one of the doctors I thought I had ADHD and he immediately was like "you need to go through mental health services" and dismissed me with no information on how to access them so that was great

Lookin through some old Dishonored art on my Tumblr and hm

I should redraw it all cuz it's like 5-6 years old

Commission for of their wonderful sheep! We need more sheeps in the world

Commission for of their wonderful sheep! We need more sheeps in the world

nsfw, genital mention, uni stuff 

my search history is currently v weird

horse penis
horse vulva
horse reproductive system
horse pp

genital mention, joke, dunking on terfs 

@goblins, working on a horse genital assignment and talking to web pages: That's a woman, not a vulva.

Me: According to the terfs, they#re the same thing! OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!

Thanks y'all for donating, we're good now! Hope everyone has an awesome nye!

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