Seattle, airplane, possible crash, breaking news 

@ratbaby has been posting about this, as of 14 minutes ago; see their feed for more info (it's not threaded or CWed or I would have just reposted).
US News birbsite link:
no passengers on the plane, evidently.

Seattle, airplane, possible crash, breaking news, REALLY BAD JOKE (thank you Spouse) 

me: the guy who stole the plane says he doesn't know how to land it, and has no intention of landing it.
Spouse: too bad, it will land eventually.
me: but he's--
Spouse: or water. but sooner or later it won't be able to air any more.
me: ........ *falls over laughing*

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Seattle, airplane, possible crash, breaking news 

anyway I have no idea if he's still up in the air or what and I just hope he doesn't "land" on any of us. :|

Seattle, airplane, possible crash, breaking news 

current news says it's down, on Ketron Island (I have no idea where that is other than "very close to Fort Lewis and Mchord AFB"), unknown if pilot crashed it or if it was shot down. and I'm going to bed. I'm sure I'll find out more tomorrow. goodnight, and... I don't know. just goodnight.

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