housemate called another housemate out in being shitty to their partner so they're moving out. whoopee

people on mefi are starting to follow me on mastodon, and sort of the reason twitter became a literal hell was because they were super duper into politics and would retweet the max-screamy accounts, or retweet people that retweeted them, or some kind of sequence, and it just became unbearable.

fuck I should be at the bus stop by now. still in bed. fuckkkkkkkk

I wondered why my feed was so good turns out I was signed into awoo space.

emailed some folks about some mopeds. I guess this nightmare is happening

One of the funniest things I've found in this company's source code is a comment left by someone saying

"Why would you do this? Why would you set a trap for your team?"

and I can't figure out the context. Luckily it's in a file I'm working in

2nd day on the job, looking thru some source code for a project I may work on, some things Ive seen

1) a function that is 2 lines long but with 80 lines commented out

2) an entire C# file commented out with an " false" statement at the very top

*feels guilty for using overloaded site*
uhhh uhhh umnn

looking at bikes on craigslist. there's this $300 Puch with a 70cc kit that I can probably build into a Cafe Racer Monster, but no title, so I'd have to do the "ownership in doubt" process which takes 3 years. Oof. but it has the sturdier E50 motor in it.

co-worker joked about theming a game around an upcoming furry convention but my dude that's where the money is. we could make bank. hell I can probably find a few artists for you

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