cyberpunk, 2nd person semi-serious imperative 

hey mod your body, it's good for you

body mods 

i got piercings and a tattoo and some scarification and a finger magnet and a wheelchair

and it's awesome

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like honestly i was never that coordinated w/ my legs but... when i, say, spin around in the wheelchair and i'm leaning back enough that it brings the front wheels off the ground
it feels like dancing
like. i can finally do precision moving
and i can do all these spins and little jumps and stuff??

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and this isn't to say power chairs aren't important, rather that they're just not for me, but
before i got this chair, and i borrowed powered chairs and scooters
i was always a bit unnerved by how vague the controls they give you are for small movements?
i know some ppl mod their power chairs to improve that, but
that is something i rly appreciate about my argon >.> especially this one which was actually made for me and doesn't have slack in any bearings, the precision is so. satisfying and comforting

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but like all of that is part of why i get passionate about this stuff cos
i didn't know manual wheelchairs like this existed, 3 years ago
i thought they all needed big overextension to self propel and stuff
i was like rly hopeless bc for a number of reasons power chairs were not likely to happen in my future, (which i had typed but it was a run-on sentence)
so it seemed like i had no option, with my EDS shoulders
but i did! and this chair is fucking great

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@kit ahhh that's so cool to hear, it's really cool to just have a solid machine that works well and fits you

@hvee yes absolutely!! and i've never felt more cyborgy like. in a realised way instead of just. kin stuff

@hvee thought: in many ways this is like a spine augment rather than a legs replacement, in my case

since my issue was the huge level of hip and back pain caused by standing

but now the chair can bear the load instead. and it like. incidentally just has wheels. kind of


@kit yeah that makes sense, you're redirecting that work from your lower spine to a thing that has a mechanical advantage for movement

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