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oh thank goddex, it’s 8pm and I’m finally feeling okay

today was one of those emotional-BSOD mental health days where you just get through it however you can, and you’ll have to save worrying about the lost time for later

I suppose I’m thankful that's rare enough for me these days that it was a bit of a surprise, and that I pretty much know the drill for handling mine without spreading it around by now

mh (+) 

but also: I am constantly marveling at our strength, at all of us cr*zy queers. and we are strong. we are so, so strong.

do you know why our oppressors cannot empathize with us? it is because the experiences that gave birth to us are ones that they literally cannot imagine themselves surviving. we are the ones they have thrown, bound, into the fiery furnace and who have walked out upright. our very existence serves as a warning to them:

“it does not have to be this way.
one day it *will not* be this way.”

and yes, they may have cut and cracked and twisted us to the point where sometimes we’re calling on every bit of that strength just to stay alive

do it

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@mxsparks this makes me feel soooooo good

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