Mastodon is decidedly not winning my heart. I might be able to make cohost my go-to but I can't see it happening on the fediverse

cw trans medicine 

oh awful, i'm at nearly twice the recommended maximum of testosterone?? that... explains a lot about the past few months

I don't know what I expected Michael Hobbes to look like but I wasn't ready for him to be a miniature Christopher Eccleston

I'm proud to be one of the many
New York Times contributors who signed this letter calling for the paper to stop its biased and often downright hateful coverage of trans issues. #transrights

I was like "hey teach me how to make a scrolling svg background marquee" and it was like "sure here's your specific preferred learning material"

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I feel a little guilty about letting chatGPT make sample code for me but this is by far the fastest way I've ever learned how to do a thing in a language

inurashii dot xyz is gone.

I could conceivably get it back, but it would cost me $20 just to open negotiations with the leeches my domain provider (Hover) sold it to. And... no. I don't want to give these scumbags any more money to let them extort me.

stand by for a new personal domain I guesssss

maybe if I make Aenne my profile picture I'll be inspired to make her game

While I cannot guarantee that I am capable of changing my routines, I do exist here and like being perceived

Look who's logged in.

I'm not going to guarantee that I'll resume posting here with any regularity, but I'd LIKE to. I just need to feel a bit less adrift yk?

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