venting about chronic illness 

Trying to sleep every night reminds me of an end-of-level score screen for a video game.

Great job, kas! You made it through another day!

... but you forgot:

- 347mg of salt
- 20mg of potassium
- 572ml of water
- 2 nasal sprays
- 1 dose of cromolyn
- to avoid chocolate, vinegar, and pecans

Rank: F
Hours of sleep: 2

Better luck next time!


Hey, all! I guess it's time for . I always overthink these (how do you summarize a *person*?) so this time I'm just going to type some words and hit send.

sufferer, trans, techie, (obvious reasons), aspiring . Obsessed with , , and other supernatural femme fatale types. Love and similar dark music. Also a psychological otherkin.

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