I think I got to the point where I understand just enough about federation to see how much I will never understand. Most of my life is like this but it would be nice if anyone else seemed to be struggling with this? I guess they just left, if they existed. The influx of supergenius tech people for whom this is a second language isn't helping. I'll keep trying, I really need a space like this but 'just' moving to another instance made too big a mess of concepts for my brain to process :[

Toilet Paper Going Over The Roll Is An Accessibility Issue

at some point in the near future I am likely to say aloud, to another human being, a sentence including the word "instance" and the phrase "even the anime porn has disability representation"

.................goodnight everybody!

I keep presuming people will read my posts with a detached irony voice and y'all keep immediately relating to the genuine sentiment I'm expressing, you amazing empaths!! stop being so nice, I'm trying to go to sleep and it's hard to calm down with all this gratitude in my veins ;_;

forever cursed by capitalism to work early hours as a person who craves conversations of the sort people only want to start having an hour after I should be in bed

"okcupid inbox zero" is not an accomplishment, part-of-brain-that-dispenses-reward-chemicals-improperly. it is an accomplishment the way managing to fall all the way down a hill is an accomplishment

wow I'm glad I started reading Nevada AFTER changing my name because I'm old enough that a non-zero part of my brain is dedicated to trying pointlessly hard to avoid being a stereotype

I am loop-dying over and over from the fact that the Google auto-translation of the Le Monde Mastodon article calls tweets "chicks"

"I was seduced by the chick, the animated gif and the people."

my potential new car (don't ask) makes robot cat sounds when backing up and on-beat chicken noises when music is playing, will I ever find this more annoying than amazing??? (I am deciding if I like this car, out of two suboptimal options)

I wish "don't ask" were a slightly less reliable punchline because sometimes I just need a quick way to say "don't ask" that won't make people more interested in asking

Latest absurdity: having to find a cassette tape adapter(!) for a car I didn't know I'd be driving(?)... and we still have a Radio Shack(?!)

I wish astrology spoke to me so at least I'd have a planet or two to blame for why literally everything in my life right now is suddenly, catastrophically, comically unstable

Hi I'm Kelly

Queer: Y
Trans: Y?
Furry: N
Leftist: Y
Techie: N
Game dev: N?
Disabled: Y
Friendly: Y

Hope I am okay...! (This feeling of stumbling into places right as the drawbridge goes up is a bit unsettling rn tbh)

I'm trying to understand The Federating Instances and I think a lot of people are here now and not there and I don't know what I'm doing

(I'm kevspace on

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