Me: I'll just stay on Twitter to boost activist stuff
Also me: Well I have read the most terrible garbage and the worst news and now I feel stressed and depressed

No one should consider joining BlueSky, BlueSky is just another Twitter waiting to go wrong. Don't put your effort and time into a closed platform when a platform as good as Mastodon/Fediverse exists. My only take and more than likely my only post on the topic.

You've heard of Super Sonic, but have you heard of Silky Sonic? So smooth...

"Inside the Struggle to Make Lab-Grown Meat"

I have a solution to this, ready for it? Just go vegetarian.

Sitting here trying to figure out of my day was productive or not...

You know you're on Discord when you join a "server" and the room list is so long you have to scroll for eternity. I dislike that kind of clutter so much.

Also use Element/Matrix if you can and avoid Discord, gawd their privacy is so bad.

Is ice cream and topping what a good sub needs? :blobcat:

Time to permanently wind down and abandon my Twitter account, the platform is at the point for me now when it's not even worth staying around to criticise my country's politicians.

And with Twitter Blue accounts just spamming the platform even when blocked it's no longer useful to even use.

Girlfriend: Where's my purple cup

Me: It's in the cupboard over there, you know the one we just cleared for cups... Wait does that make it the cup cupboard? Damn it English is dumb.

Just morning stuff.

Not going to lie, I think I'd be happy to have NFTs back if it means the AI grift went away.

It's easy to avoid NFTs but when so many governments and companies want to run our data through garbage "AI" systems, well that is so much worse.

Trans peep: *glowing* my blood test results were great!

Their cis friends: ooookay then...

Hmm I have 21 ghost posts, my profile shows 22 posts but this is only the 2nd post on my account. 🤔

I'm considering moving back to I feel like I was mistaken when I left due to the white listing and after a bit of thought and experience on other instances that white listing should be the way forward for Mastodon in general.

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