Hey Awoo, Skunks& here — is Pinocchio in reverse just escaping Samsara?

(anyway, new project)

@leinir 'Madison Rye Progress' is technically on the paperwork already! I have time to change that before the divorce is settled, though~

@irisjaycomics Been thinking about that, actually, since I will have a chance to change my name coming up, and was thinking "fuck it, going to go weird" because Madison Scott-Clary is just so normal, because I just want more experience of that spectrum :3

re: Marsh/Motes Played kickstarter ending soon 

Three and a half hours left, and Motes Played has been funded as well! All money above that goal goes to the authors writing for the anthology~


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Marsh/Motes Played kickstarter ending soon 

Just over half a day left on the Marsh Kickstarter, and then the whole slew of posts will stop and return to your regularly scheduled post-humanity content.

We are less than $200 away as of posting from funding two books instead of just one, with Motes Played, an exploration of childhood sys-side, winding up as a paperback at $3,500! Help us get some little skunks out into the world~


re: Post-Self book Kickstarter 

It will be a welcome surprise if it makes it through: a whole 'nother book added as a stretch goal. $500 in 27 hours is a bit of a reach, but we can do it, yes? :D


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Post-Self book Kickstarter 

There's just a bit over a day left on the Marsh Kickstarter, and we crossed the $3,000 mark for an audiobook! Maybe I'll come up with a $3500 stretch goal~ :3

Tell your friends! Tell your dog! Tell your mom! Tell your mom's friends' dogs!

Post-Self Book Kickstarter 

Just five days left of the Marsh Kickstarter! The last stretch goal at $3,000 funds an audiobook version, and I am pretty sure we can pull it off~


@WizardOfDocs @bolt451 @utunu @joabaldwin The FHFS will be coming out with further anthologies that will definitely cover that era!

Post-Self kickstarter 

It has been pleasantly overwhelming seeing the response to the Marsh Kickstarter, and as I continue to think about more things that would make good additions to the book, I figured that some illustrations would actually fit quite nicely! To that end, I have added a stretch goal at $2,500 for additional illustrations for the book.


Post-Self Kickstarter 

The Marsh Kickstarter hit $2000, which means some Post-Self stickers and bookplates! Please look forward to some System-inspired art (yes probably skunks) with which to decorate everything around you~

Next up, at $3000, a fully produced audiobook version!

Now up to $1800! All the original stretch goals were funded, so I have added stickers and bookplates at $2000 and a full audiobook at $3000~

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The Kickstarter for Marsh, the new Post-Self novel, is now live! One year, one month, eleven days downtime, and 1% of the System now missing...


Finished all of Marsh except the epilogue. Revision is going to be intensive but it feels good to have it done.

Post-Self Kickstarter 

I will be launching a Kickstarter for Marsh, a new Post-Self book, on January 1!


There is more about it here

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