Tech rant 

I used to be a full-on GNU/Linux user. Then I got too deep in the FOSS world, and after dealing with many FOSS hardline fanatics, I left in a bit of fear and pain.

Will I ever go back? ...Maybe. I'd rather go OS X than go back into that toxic atmosphere, but if I needed to, I could stay on the outer edges and just have an install of Gentoo.

Like with my attempts at learning programming, toxic people kinda "ruined the magic" for me.

Slight anger, rant 

Whelp... I just lost 5 of my stories after Windows 10 decided to update in the middle of having them changed over to a new template. Files were corrupt, and I don't have backups handy for those since they were made before backup hour.

Thankfully, my grandfather only needs an "internet machine" for a single browser game, so he gave me back my old Windows 7 laptop. I won't have to worry about that again.

Slight rant about media 

I see so many tech media people saying that "Mastadon will fail" and all these other negative things. All I can do is ask: "By who's standards?"

Mastodon is already a success. It accomplished its goal of being an alternative to the birdsite for those who want to get away from its toxic culture, while uniting people across the web who want to talk to each other. That's the important thing.

Playing Spiral Knights solo while I'm working on projects is a nice way to keep my brain active enough to work, but without distracting me from my actual project.

My brain works out problems better in the background. It matches my crummy active memory recall, I guess. 😄

Extended future goals:

* Set up a personal IRC server
* Re-establish my personal XMPP server
* Set up a personal OStatus server instance (Maybe Mastodon?)

I truly miss FirefoxOS. I still have my LG Fx0--the closest handset to the "flagship" monikeryou can find--and I still use it as a media player. Just wish Mozilla hadn't abandoned the project before it even had a chance to take off.

Slight tech rant 

People keep bugging me about switching to {GNU/}Linux instead of using Windows 10. I only refuse to because the software I prefer to use is on Windows.

I can install a full-functioning Gentoo system by heart at this point. Slackware would give me no problem. I actually compile most of my Linux software from source. I just don't want to deal with having to constantly tweak my system. I want something that "just works".

Soon going to try and reduce how much space I take up in the house. Give one of my mates more space to work with, and some real solitude while we're stuck at my parents' place.

We're currently stuck in the same room, so neither of us are happy right now. All I need is space for my desk, my bed, and a chair, so I can effortlessly move into the living room without being in the way.

I think I like this instance a bit more. Everyone seems really nice here.

Won't be saying too much just yet, though. Still need to get used to everything.

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