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Masturbation joke, communism 

"No, I wasn't pawing off. I was seizing the means of my own production."

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"Hold on, let me AIM you this livejournal post I saw shared on MySpace. It's about that new platform twitter. You can also look it up on Ask Jeeves."

Seasonal Reminder !

The #SalvationArmy is not a #charity. They are an evangelical protestant church that uses donations to oppose #LGBTQ rights.

Give them NOTHING.

old dog shakes fist at cloud 

I remember when ride sharing was cheap... v.v

At the airport for the yearly family trip to Florida~

Never forget, a 13-year study of a dozen cities found that protected bike-lanes led to a drastic decline in fatalities for ALL ROAD USERS. And painted bike-lanes? No safety improvement at all. As for sharrows, it’s safer to NOT have them. Via #StreetsblogUSA, read their article linked below. #bikelanes #bikes #cities #transportation #mobility #sharrows #infrastructure #urbanism

This is the first time I've ever had a flight this late in the afternoon. It kinda sucks.

I really love mastodons content warnings. The more I've been around them, the more I love them.

I called my hyena girl a lesbi-yeen in that last piece of art I posted, but really she's a bite-sexual.

A guy on my staff is one of those "gonna power through it" when they're sick kinda ppl... And it makes me want to punch him lol

Pls don't get everyone else sick with your macho bullshit UGH

Curious how it's going over on that other social network some people have been flocking to lately.


Politics and CWs 

I've seen a growing number of Very Online Leftists decrying the idea of putting CWs on politics. OK, I get it, you're mad that people might look away, but I disagree vehemently with you. The thing about CWs is that they're not preventing you from looking at a thing, they're just giving you enough time to gird your loins for what could be a very triggering subject. So, by all means, please DO put CWs on politics. I'll still click through, but it'll give me the ten seconds I need to say "Whew, OK, oh boy, here we go..."

Huh, I was not expecting this minotaur book to have so much LGBTQ polyamorous druid commune content.

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