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Perhaps — and hear me out here — if you can afford to buy Twitter for $44 billion, you can afford to pay your fair share in taxes.

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guy who bought twitter for $44 billion when he could've just gone to the app store and downloaded it for free

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would appreciate it if everyone stopped spamming with shitposts so it would be easier for newcomers to find actual tips


To all new folks comin' here:

You'll get more out of Mastodon by using unofficial mobile apps such as Tusky (Android) and Metatext (iOS) than through the official app.

You get a two more timelines to view: a Local timeline, and a Federated timeline.

The Local timeline consists of all public posts made by other people on the same instance/server you're on, while the Federated timeline consists of public posts including people outside of your instance.

You can the unofficial apps here: joinmastodon.org/apps

so apparently i never posted my sona reference here but that's fine cos i updated it yesterday and you get to see it now

boost if your name is gato OR you have metal joints OR people can beat you up and earn fifteen silver points

So there's this person who takes photographs from inside musical instruments and I want to live in the 1970s Movie Future where the interior of a Steinway piano is the Community Transport Central Hub or whatever.


rock band and guitar hero are pretty awesome
we got a bunch of the games, a drum set and two guitars today. they're wired so they even work with clone hero which is even better

Gay robot tf nonsense 

Me: what... what if we were bot girls and..😳
her: don't you mean what if we were BOTH girls?
Me: no. *releases swarm of transformative nanobots*

oh come on what's wrong with image uploads today? clicking the right image on the above post to expand it doesn't work

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it's funny how apple manages to constantly one-up itself in terrible products
no one wanted the notch on phones and even fewer want it on laptops
the worst part is that other big companies are totally going to copy this and we're going to be stuck with notches in laptop screens from now on because having a screen bezel is uglier apparently (news flash: not only is it not uglier, it also helps protect the screen better and in the case of touchscreens mitigate accidental inputs)

could it be Windows that's causing the issue? entirely possible. it's seemingly the only common thing between the several cables, connection methods and PCs we tried.
are we going to have to install an older version of Windows on a VM and set up networking just to test it?
it'd be real cool if Sony just didn't use proprietary software and cable designs and stuff for file transfers in the first place so that this issue wouldn't exist

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strangest part is that the wifi works. over wifi it can connect to PSN and download our one digital Vita game, use the browser, all that is fine. but trying to make it work with CMA, qCMA or FinalHE it just doesn't happen

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PlayStation Vita modding update: no one knows what's going on with it. the only other posts about it on the internet are from users who have since sold the systems and moved on. this PlayStation Vita that we spent a lot of time and money on is unmoddable due to what seems to be a rare hardware defect

in the process of remaking our carrd on neocities. it's a lot of work but hopefully the end result will be a lot more unique. a lot more us.

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