the thin belly part when you buy a whole side of salmon? *chef kiss*

Cut the whole strip off, oil and season it, throw in air fryer at 400°f for 7-9 mins. cut into lil bite size and omnomnomnom


@Grisser are air fryers really worth it? I see a lot of my friends with them... Just haven't ponied up to looking into them lol.

@scorchy It's basically just a countertop convection oven. It's an expensive gamble to get one for sure. Ours was a gift to the housemates from their parents, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten one ever lol. But now we use it every day. Reheating fried/baked frozen stuffs are great with it. The house uses it for Hotpockets all the time now and other frozen stuffs daily

@Grisser Well that sounds like a lovely gift, then! I have a toaster oven...been using that for a while. Might have to consider an airfryer, then 👀 Thanks for the info, dude!

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