Google is causing incalculable damage to the global web with its search indexer not respecting Accept-Language and Content-Language and encouraging webmasters to detect language preferences by IP geolocation instead of respecting the user agent's explicitly provided preference.

Example: just because I am accessing a Google site from an IP geolocated in Japan does not mean I want content localized in Japanese. Especially if my browser is already telling the web server I want it in English. Which it is.

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@shaderphantom The GeoIP database is also wildly wrong quite often and ignores things like entire countries having no official/expected language for its citizens.

But well google doing crap that harms users is about as old as google is.

@trysdyn yup. It really speaks volumes to the imperialist mindset of tech companies assuming the world is divided cleanly by state borders with singular "native" languages.

@shaderphantom Oh yes. Between that and the really piss-poor assumptions devs make about things like... names... it's real butt.

@shaderphantom @trysdyn remember that time Google maps showed the Krim belonging to either Russia or Ukraine, depending on which IP space you're accessing from?

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