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Might as well make a post about my 'sona. This is Ciaran-1! They're my guardiansona for Destiny 2, and I love and appreciate them a lot. I draw them in various styles 'cause I'm just like that.

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short -
I'm Wings! or Moon. Or Sage. I have a lot of names.
I'm an adult, currently in my 20s writing this.

I use a variety of pronouns & neopronouns but I primarily prefer he/him, they/them, dae/daem, ve/vim, and xe/xem.

I draw and write, & I like to play video games. You'll mainly see me enjoying Destiny 2 and Minecraft.

I'm very openly alterhuman & I consider myself a nonhuman chimera.

trying to slep but its too warm :(

i melt in temps over 60 fahrenheit.

oh yeah. i have a lot of art i need to post, especially art ive drawn of my sona / mascot, but i need to dig up all my original posts from tumblr to grab the image ids before i do that

and instead of doing anything productive im watching videos of people surviving off the grid. why? dunno.

Just a heads-up! #feditips There are folks here on fedi, known as otherkin, who identify as something other than human.

Many won't speak up about it for fear of harassment, but it often makes us uncomfortable and dysphoric when posts assume the reader is human, or that "human interaction" is the opposite of automated/algorithmic decisions, and so on. If you want us to reblog your posts, try "people", "feeling beings", "live interaction", or similar words instead. (Some of us also enjoy the word "critters".)

You can find a Simple English guide to otherkin, and detailed and abridged timelines of the otherkin community, at Orion Scribner's site:

hmm. I should remember masto is a thing and its becoming more talked about again with what's happening with twitter

also a friend helped me get witch queen a few days ago and i am soooo incredibly grateful and happy about it. all ive been doing lately is playing destiny 2 dyuedniwkleaahah

ive been so busy lately that i havent really been able to manage any other social medias i have aside from tumblr...

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idk. basically go read ANEMOIA and also maybe check out The Wereproject if y'all ever have the time tbh

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gonna gush about ANEMOIA for a sec but like. even tho i'm a trans guy/transneutral person and not a trans girl i still heavily relate to the MC. i relate to her struggles with gender & struggling to feel seen & accepted, and her crises just feel, like. it feels like i'm sorta looking into a mirror, but an alternate universe mirror sorta?

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anyone else gotten into reading comics lately? mainly furry comics, but other stuff's cool too.

i read the wereproject today and its really cool. i wanna sub to their patreon at some point. i really like all of the characters & the main character is really neat too.

ANEMOIA is a really neat goth trans furry zine-like comic. its really nice being able to find stuff that just like, fits my niche well, y'know?

re: tumblr 

So. yeah. I can't fault the current owners of Tumblr for doing this. It could actually pan out to be a much better idea than like... Post+ or whatever other subscription models they could come up with.

Unfortunately, or I suppose fortunately, a large majority of the Tumblr userbase is actively hostile to and oppositions any attempt of monetizing the site. Because the original creator of Tumblr, David Karp, never really invested in monetizing what he had made. It was only when Tumblr was sold off and he took a step away from what he created did ads and other things begin to leak into the platform.

And then the great big porn ban happened and Tumblr... Is still largely the same, has a lot of the same problems, and porn blogs are still there. Tumblr is still widely considered to be unsuccessful when it comes to monetizing the platform, and it isn't as easy of a solution as just "Well, why not do what Wikipedia is doing and have Tumblr accept donations instead?"

At least blocking actually works, that's one of the greatest improvements I can say Tumblr has implemented within the last year or two.

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re: tumblr 

[image id: A screenshot from Tumblr. At the top is yellow text that says "Tumblr Ad-Free Browsing". Underneath it is white text that says "It's Tumblr, only ad-free. Ad-Free Browsing gives you more of what you love and less of what you don't. What are you waiting for? Its a whole new world out there." Beneath the text are two white buttons, one is labeled "$4.99/month" and the other is labeled "$39.99/year 33% off!". There is text underneath the buttons, also in white, that says "Subscriptions renew automatically. Excludes certain promotional content." All of the text is overlaid on a gradient background that is purple at the top and pink at the bottom. /end id]

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Tumblr's implementing a pay to remove ads thing after they realized Post+ was doomed.

... I can't say I don't feel too badly for them because, as much as I dislike skeevy "pay to remove ads! Except these very specific sponsored ads that will still show up and defeats the purpose of an ad-free Tumblr subscription" I still love Tumblr. I'm incredibly active on there and its my first avenue of choice for social media slash multimedia blogging platform.

Plus it seems like its actually a good idea in retrospect. It also removes those pesky gross ads from mobile Tumblr too, which is helpful since... there is no adblock for the mobile app. You can certainly run Ublock Origin in mobile Firefox, but it's not the same as actually using the app.

re: destiny 2 witch queen / season of the risen 

im probably not gonna play a whole lot out of this season, not that i really can anyway because i dont have witch queen or season pass, so. yyyeah

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destiny 2 witch queen / season of the risen 

not gonna lie, after chosen i am very wary of us getting another cabal season. even if its with allied cabal now, its just... bungie really does not handle the cabal well

drugs / weed 

smoked again, different stuff this time.

and again i'm experiencing my body feeling super heavy and like a weighted blanket.. weed really does help me sleep well, not that i Need It to get good sleep but damn it tires me out faster than anything else.

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