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[image id in reply, cw for scars]
New fursona check!
His/Their/Its/Daer name is Moonlight, and they're a chimera of sorts.

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Might as well make a post about my 'sona. This is Ciaran-1! They're my guardiansona for Destiny 2, and I love and appreciate them a lot. I draw them in various styles 'cause I'm just like that.

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short -
I'm Wings! or Moon. Or Sage. I have a lot of names.
I'm an adult, currently in my 20s writing this.

I use a variety of pronouns & neopronouns but I primarily prefer he/him, they/them, dae/daem, ve/vim, and xe/xem.

I draw and write, & I like to play video games. You'll mainly see me enjoying Destiny 2 and Minecraft.

I'm very openly alterhuman & I consider myself a nonhuman chimera.

i keep seeing solarpunk be mentioned on here so i'm finally reading the solarpunk manifesto.

i think the gist and ideas of it are very good and extremely relatable to me.

i guess this is why i have such a love for artstyles like graffiti. graffiti tells stories that no amount of words can even begin to express, sometimes. graffiti is an act of love, an act of pain, an act of expression.

we should draw on walls more. cover the world in paint, in chalk, in watercolor and gouache.

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painting on the walls of the world is how we tell our stories. it’s how it’s been for centuries. we like to create and we like to sing and dance and laugh and love. that chalk on that stone fireplace is never gonna come off, but it tells a story. every scratch, every scribble, every doodle and word written and painting. all of these meant something to someone once. you are leaving a part of yourself to be seen to the rest of the universe. the world is a canvas for our imagination.

crypto bs 

you know, before crypto dudes took over the term "blockchain", to me its meaning is and always will be blocking one person and a bunch of their followers through the use of some sort of add on or a curated blocklist of them and their associates. None of this fake money shit that can dramatically drop in price at any time, is generally considered wildly unhealthy to the environment and contributes more to the pollution of said environment than certain things, and of course almost always being used to fund shady shitty business shit.

Honestly. I wanna use masto more. I pop my head in and lurk decently often, I sometimes post, but.. eehh. I've never used mastodon super frequently.

i really wanna be a fursuiter somedaaayyyyyy. i really just wanna be a cute lil furry irl

anyway basically

this yeena is amazed at the capacity for creation, nya

Horror - Dark Deception 

Like, for example, who was gonna tell me that Dark Deception is almost a TOTALLY different game than what it was at release?

I mean that in a good way. It's gotten so many updates since its first release, it's almost hard for me to believe that a game that used to just be a little Pac-Man knockoff where some ominous lady mocks you while you're being chased by cymbal-clanging monkey dolls has changed and evolved into this beautifully strange amalgamation.

And it even has a PvP thing now, for some reason? Like, there's an entire side game now for
real-time PvP... Playable characters even can have some various skins.

Like... Seriously...

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... Can y'all tell I've been investing myself into horror stuff again? Seriously, this is pretty riveting biznis. I've missed out on a lot of stuff in the horror game scene the last few years.

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re: FNAFSB / Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach spoilers 

Like it's already really apparent that the folks who were working on this game... Should have gotten more time to work on it. And I'm wondering if there's a bug fix patch being worked on for it - and when it'll be available.

And if so...Will they manage to fix the fact that you can make Glamrock Freddy glitch out everywhere and get you to places you shouldn't be able to? Or that for some reason you can mess with the game's way it tracks time and in-game events, causing some strange unintended side effects such as causing Monty to multiply or making Moon jumpscare you when you get the screwdriver at a certain point in sequence breaking if you get it in a certain way?

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FNAFSB / Five Nights At Freddy's Security Breach 

The fact that people have already learned how to destroy the game's concept of time to distort it in speedrunning is kind of hilarious.

i spent the entire day thinking abt haunted houses and other horror attractions and yes. i know its only january.

but the spookiness calls to me, nya...

sickness / covid 

turns out i may or may not have gotten covid and THAT'S why i suddenly got so sick when i came back home. and it probably wasn't from orlando. because the people i went with came home fine and have Been Fine.

motherfucking fuckity fuck I'm gonna be so pissed if it turns out I test positive. At least I don't have a fever or migraine anymore. And the majority of my pain is gone- there's still some knee pain, but no sore throat or anything else either.

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when will i be free from this pain. i just wanna drink coffee again

im dleepy. im gonna TRY to dleep at nighttime again. granted its like 12:30am est my time, so,

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re: ?? dont know how to tag this 

that being said, i am incredibly gay and Thinking right now

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?? dont know how to tag this 

like. i still don't really Get romance or anything at all. despite being in a lot of relationships i feel like i haven't learned much of anything.

that and i think i would actually crumble into nothing if i found out any of my feelings were reciprocated by real people. i like the Idea. There is appeal in the Thought of the action, not of actually being involved in said action.

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