conservatives on twitter posting pics of tagged up and toppled george washington statues like “this is what antifa wants” and im like “fuck yea, dude. thats dope.”

guys: is it gay to mew? It's literally making a high-pitched, crying sound, as that of a cat. ☕️

we should stop making computers more physically capable just so that developers are forced to use resources efficiently. What the fuck do you mean your game needs 10% of my hard drive. Start over.

Two customers who are best friends: "Oh yeah we been neighbors for years but we just never talked. He was always at work, I was always at work, but we only just started hanging out since we had to stay at home."

One bought the other a $140 bottle of whiskey on a whim because "hey whens your birthday? Oh shit February? I didn't get you anything."


If you have a number in your band name, I fully expect that to be the number of people in the band.

Looking at you, Blink-182.

Water Drive for Navajo and Hopi nations

"Thank you to those who have already donated and to those who have committed to a donation. We have a long way to go to reach our goal. This will be an ongoing effort so your continued support will be greatly appreciated. Zaniya Pro Clean LLC and Spottedhorse Infosystems firmly believe in GIVING BACK and as Indigenous people it is our responsibility to take care of one another! We ask for your effort in this movement.

Venmo (Troi): 480-628-0568

We also ask that you please share!"

It really does piss me off when people talk about school dress codes without addressing the racism or how they target black teenage boys. That shit is legitimately part of the school to prison pipeline, particularly the part where the codes insist they need to ban certain things for "safety reasons" because they're supposed to be gang-related.

What if you wanted to go to heaven

but god said

So, did you pay for winzip?

whoops i think i've been on twitter too much again. coming back here for today 💜

social media shitposting 

even mastodon is too mainstream now. i want a social media platform that is entirely localized inside of a microscopically altered vinyl record of Rush's "Moving Pictures" album

Asking for your financial support once again 

Anyways the price to get the car going is gonna be like $200 and the truck will be about the same. Someone is lending money for the truck but it'll have to be paid back, so like if you wanna hit me up with money please do haha

Woman goes to doctor. Says she's feeling out of control. Says she can't help but dance when she hears the beat. Says she's in pain, going to lose her brain, go insane, has this fever and is burning up.

Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Great singer Gloria Estefan is in town tonight.

🚨 aid request from a disabled QTPOC 🚨 So after months of issues to schedule this, I got my colonoscopy & endoscopy sorted. HOWEVER, there are new costs I didn’t anticipate before. $70 consult copay, $40 in prep meds, & $60 in transport to/from procedure bcuz it’s almost an hour from me & my partner doesn’t drive. If anyone could help, I’d super appreciate. This is urgent, it’s next week

Venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

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