I wonder how long I could trap a man in an elevator by refusing to exit first.

Playing the free NYT games every morning in bed as a benchmark to see if I'm actually awake. If I can't solve Wordle, I shouldn't be driving to work.

I went to the Udvar-Hazy air and space museum today. I knew it was cool but the only specific thing I remembered was here was the Blackbird. I basically got jump scared by the Enola Gay. There's also a Concorde and a space shuttle. This place is incredible.

@atpfm @siracusa A machine in the shape of a laptop but with the safety of an iPad would surely be an "iBook", right?

I think of a lot of my stories as being "Twilight Zone but horny". Like, it's a mostly normal world as far as the main character knows, but then something weird [horny] happens and they have to deal with it.

tf, nudity, medical? 

Some absolutely awesome new art. Killer vibe in this one.

Artist post: furaffinity.net/view/56455843/


re: last minute Easter lewds! 

Oh right we have some final art for the season that is.... of a shared theme :3

Taki and Procene having chocolaty snacks!

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Easterly lewd bunny art 

For all you horny Easter freaks, the results of those streams I was posting about (actually have a few more to do, but it's a busy weekend)

Taki, Roach, Kira


latex pokegirl content 

What's the worst that could happen? I trust her!

For Taki

It is cruel that I have to go up stairs to leave the gym.

Straightening your hair means letting the undercut grow out, right?

I occasionally get a strong craving for those little hostess powdered donuts. I can only assume it's because of a titanium dioxide deficiency.

I wonder if I could lose weight by getting into vore and RPing eating friends instead of eating unhealthy foods.

Turning off my GPS and muttering, "A man chooses; a slave obeys" while I become hopelessly lost.

Currently considering trying adhd meds again just so I can actually write all the ideas I've come up with.

When I was a kid and my family went to the mall, when I'd ask for a toy, my parents sometimes said yes. When I asked for books, the answer was always yes. Which explains a bit about why I'm the way I am.

Someday one of these blatant tf trigger tattoos is going to actually work.

Ah right, I should share my finished tattoo here. Now in full color!

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