Someday one of these blatant tf trigger tattoos is going to actually work.

Ah right, I should share my finished tattoo here. Now in full color!

I don't know why Nolan had a whole new score made for Oppenheimer when Linkin Park already made A Thousand Suns.

New tattoo pic 

Here's my new tattoo after the first session. One more visit for the flowers.

Getting a tattoo on my leg is weird. Yeah, just lay down like you're going to sleep, here's a nice pillow, and now I'm going to start stabbing you.

@cargo I feel like you might be interested in some of the rewards available from the Lego VIP program.


more lewd shark art 


Gonna go going live for some more sketches sooooon~
Taki, Pathia and CarissaVixen

Race organizers: "The bike course is flat."
The bike course:

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Tomorrow morning I'm doing the beginner length triathlon again. I'm excited. I wasn't able to get in as much training as I wanted but I still have a shot at beating my previous time.

I have doubled the number of National Parks I have been to in my life.

Creepy statue 

Me: i'm going to plan a road trip that hits some of the most beautiful National Parks.
Also me: Gotta get a selfie with Mothman too though.

Trans joke, surgery related 

Trans people get to have so many delightfully surreal experiences that the cis miss out on. For example, I had multiple medical professionals look at my vulva and be like, "Oh, that's a good one."


Displacer Beast related porn (from 2021) 

Hey y'all remember that time @taki commissioned me for some art to go with her story?

Well, here it is :3

(and the story is posted here: )

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What's the point of a vest? Are there people out there like, "My arms are plenty toasty but my body is so cold."? Is this a thing people actually experience?

Joke about post-grs upkeep 

I've started to skip days on dilation and it's making it hard to maintain my Duolingo streak.

Plushes understand that falling off the bed just happens sometimes, but it's still important to hug them when you retrieve them.

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