re: birdsite 

first pic: today (2/25)
second pic: over two weeks ago (2/7)

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this is the SECOND time they have randomly suspended me, first one was due to a spam guard false positive, and almost certainly this time for the same reason

square please let the viera wear hats see it's possible even if you have long ears

cw: cw 

sometimes I think content warnings need content warnings lmao


I have water
I have ibuprofen
ha wateribuprofen
I have ibuprofen
I have water
ha ibuprofenwater

re: comics, We3, illustrated violence 

real fuckin feels hours

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comics, We3, illustrated violence 

I remember reading part of We3 a long time ago, and now I just read all 3 issues. good read and artwork but god that fucked me up

baby, I want you to interpolate my latent space 😏

I legitimately just wrote "Assume a spherical orange of radius 3.75 cm" on a physics homework. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole "physics" thing


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