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it's 2019 and i want to make a video game with an 80x48 resolution that runs in your terminal

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im kasran! or kas. i'm a big fluff typhlosion!!! graooo

demigirl (she/they), pan poly weirdo, i'm traaaaaaaans :ms_transgender_flag::typh::grao::ms_transgender_symbol:

went to college for and now i slave for tech and work on and and and other stuff in the meantime

hit me up!! or ask for my discord.

tag blast

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really good queer media analysis video essay you should watch from a small trans youtuber who deserves some growth !!

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WaPo workers are walking out on Thursday. They're asking that we show solidarity and respect their digital picket line by not engaging with any Washington Post content on Dec 7. #labor #media

mutual aid, homeless trans woman, please boost! 

hey yall, i recently got kicked out of place and im shacked up in a motel for a few days while i look for a new place. i dont have enough money atm to afford first months + deposit and all the fees for an apartment, and i dont get paid until next week which would give me enough if it was in time

i need about 500 dollars to either extend my stay or help me with move in costs, anything helps!

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund

why does duolingo give two of these things to share
Look how much I learned on Duolingo in 2023! How did you do?

apparently tusky supports post sharing from apps, so:
I’m a Superstar Learner! What’s your Duolingo learner style?

ill try to get back to nesdevlog today i think. kinda got hung up on a difficult update

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i have so many project ideas and i dont feel like working on any of them

VixeVoxe / code 

my janky voxel editor now has a palette of all colors in the current grid and lets you click to swap to that color (just below the Hex #)

repost this if trans people are safe shoplifting from hobby lobby in front of you

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hello wordl 6/6

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infinite mathematicians are in a bar, nursing epsilons of beer from a previous order and getting a bit mischievous. catching the bartender's attention, the first orders a pint. the second orders two pints, the third three pints and so on. after a while the exasperated bartender pours a twelfth of a pint out of the mathematicians' glasses, at which point a brawl breaks out

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infinite mathematicians enter a bar. the first orders a pint of beer, the second orders half a pint. the third orders a quarter pint, and the bartender cuts them off there and just pours them two pints

after a time the mathematicians indicate they're ready for another round. as before, the first one orders a pint and the second orders a half. when the third orders a third of a pint the bartender says "actually i think you've all had enough for tonight"

(please boost!!!)

i need $100 to order groceries, $60 for medical weed, and $35 for my phone bill ($195 total)

currently unemployed, working on finalizing my name change w/ SSA and getting a copy of my diploma to find a job





GFM (separate):

patreon (monthly):

tysm for everything 🖤

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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