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it's 2019 and i want to make a video game with an 80x48 resolution that runs in your terminal

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im kasran! or kas. i'm a big fluff typhlosion!!! graooo

demigirl (she/they), pan poly weirdo, i'm traaaaaaaans :ms_transgender_flag::typh::grao::ms_transgender_symbol:

went to college for and now i slave for tech and work on and and and other stuff in the meantime

hit me up!! or ask for my discord.

tag blast

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Loom Valley -- now with jumps, best times, and an end city! Made for #pico1k jam (1022 bytes):

Or play from #pico8: > LOAD #LOOM_VALLEY

An excellent quote from a source I've long forgotten that I somehow just dug out of my archives:

Good yuri turns girls into lesbians. Great yuri turns boys into lesbians. 

let's settle this once and for all

Dolly Parton is the opposite of whatever Lovecraftian horror is

Dark Magic Girl keycaps + matching deskmats are live for pre-order! :abunhdhappy: Would appreciate any shares + boosts if you know a friend who would like this pastel goth purple look. :abunhdhappyhop: #mechanicalkeyboards #shopsmall #magicgirl #lavender

pre-order here:

you can only call it soda if it's from the island of sodor. otherwise it's just sparkling water

To add to this, I don't have anything against communities having a Discord (narrat has one), the problem is having only discord and no forum, for the reasons explained above.

If all your info is on Discord, people are always asking the same questions, people end up having to join your discord on their personal account, and have to mute your server or most of your channels cause all they want is a bit of info, they don't necessarily want to be permanently involved in a realtime chat about your thing.

Communities need slower async places for thoughtful discussions, where people can ask questions beyond "it's broken please fix", and where the questions with a nice title and nice responses are easy to find for other people in the future.

And if I can type "how do I do X in Y" on google and find a forum post, this is much better than having to join a Discord server, ask a question, and hope someone will be online to answer it

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so youtube has this bug where it can pull chapter markers from a completely different video

cell phones. they used to be like _[□:#] and now they be like [:[ ]·]

Ludumdare theme idea:
Pick an old game cover and make a game based on it. Or an old screenshot from a magazine.

this is important to note: if you come across a Discord CDN url outside of discord, please please please archive it.
this is eight years worth of files we're talking about.
all of it becoming inaccessible outside of discord.

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Why you should use Firefox:

1. Freedom from Chromium/Blink monopoly
2. FOSS web browser
3. Fast and customizable
4. Great UI/UX
5. VERY stable compared to a lot of Chrome clones
6. Supports extensions that clean up the web and block ads very well
7. If it feels too slow, try betterfox's fastfox user script
8. idk I just find it cool
9: it has a fox mascot (I added this one because of popular demand and because I completely forgot about it)

genuinely think discord has done way more harm than good and its only for 2 reasons

-discord server culture and the way it operates means it's rife with child abuse and exploitation, and just generally promotes really unhealthy interactions and attention-seeking behaviour

-the amount of people who dont upload their files anywhere else and treat it like it's a forum or file host (which can just be entirely deleted and lost in the blink of an eye)

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RLB: No, seriously, make a webcomic. I published my very first one at 40, it does not matter if you're "still young enough" to start, who cares. Make a webcomic!

Ten years ago I was telling ppl they should make a webcomic and a lot of things have changed online in that time but you know what, even now, even on today's enshittified internet, I still say Make a webcomic anyway

If you help to run a convention, either as staff or as a volunteer I need your help! I have been given the rare opportunity to present at LoNAP's 25th anniversary, and my chosen topic is "What it takes to run a convention". If you have any interesting insights or anecdotes, please let me know! I have just under a month to prepare.

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