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it's 2019 and i want to make a video game with an 80x48 resolution that runs in your terminal

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im kasran! or kas. i'm a big fluff typhlosion!!! graooo

demigirl (she/they), pan poly weirdo, i'm traaaaaaaans :ms_transgender_flag::typh::grao::ms_transgender_symbol:

went to college for and now i slave for tech and work on and and and other stuff in the meantime

hit me up!! or ask for my discord.

tag blast

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oh are we just posting unCW'd dungeon meshi spoilers on the tl tonight? all the more reason to go hang out on my alt lol. cmon folks

ive decided im gonna go hang out on my alt for a little while: go follow me there if you feel like it

I don't post my stuff on here enough, so here's my current WIP #pico8 project - a 3D brawler about fighting wooden clockwork robots with a sword.

Capitalization: Building Better Language Skills (unpreserved, cracked by Passport, 13-sector track embedded in 16-sector disk)

Thanks to @txgx42 for the disk!

#AppleII #retrocomputing

is programming easy? no.
but is it useful? also no.

Zilog Z80, 1976 – 2024.

Over its 48 year life, the Z80 found its way into inumerable devices.

It's perhaps most famous for being the CPU used in the ZX Spectrum, but could also be found as a sound co-processor in the Sega Mega Drive and SNK's Neo Geo arcade boards, among others.

I remember finding one inside my first HP inkjet printer back in the late 90's, and my parent's Sony Trinitron CRT, handling the on-screen menus (and teletext).

R.I.P. 💀

#z80 #retrocomputing

scrub: n. (slang) a person with a false impression of their own desirability. see also: buster

Mutual aid. Please help. Boosting is appreciated. 

Hello. I have been diagnosed with tuberculosis.
Gladly, I get free medicine but sadly I can't afford to pay my room rent since my teaching job don't give enough money.
I want to make more money by teaching more people but my body feels so weak.

Please help me so I can pay my room rent and to buy healthy food. I will be happy if I can get approximately $48.

Thank you very much. This is my Paypal:


#BegPost #MutualAid

Mutual aid. Please help. Boosting is appreciated. 

Hello thanks for boosting. I need $35 more.


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~*MOTHMAN!*~ there's no need to feel down! I said ~*MOTHMAN!*~ pick yourself off the ground!~

super quick mothman sketch because I feel like he is filled with anxiety at all times, and so am I :> Good cryptid.

#moth #mothman #art #sketch #cryptid #drawing #MastoArt #CreativeToots

couldn't get my id renewed and am trying to get by without any actual foodstamps just yet
anything helps

the bot's done @NationalBotDay

still don't know a good term for Days™, they're not always holidays, not always National Days, more specific than celebrations... eh it's good enough for now

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I'm still broke, though I've got a temp job for now: they've not yet paid me, however, and I've had to pay something like 4k$ for two medications, and another 2k$ that was supposedly going to make the 4k$ free.

So any donations would be great.

the kinkiest people I know are asexual. And they rule

hello critters! i heard through the grapevine that folks wanted to see me/my art here, so i decided to give this place a whirl! :Blobhaj:

You wouldn't just scroll past this boy and NOT rub his belly would you? 🥺

Art by @DynamoDeepblue

#furry #furryart #denali #canine #dog

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