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happy wondering why fireworks are legal day

i bought a book about OCD and all the text is printed askew. i have to assume it's some kind of sick joke

i think it's weird to swear at strangers. but i live in england so maybe that's why i don't have any friends here

every tutorial is by someone struggling to speak english instead of just doing it in their language and subtitling it, and/or a teenager with zero teaching ability, and/or their model looks terrible so i don't wanna learn from them

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i love that there are no good live2D tutorials. adds an extra layer of challenge

crt might be dying. you all look so damn ugly in 16:9

not following Media anymore is great because you get to walk around outside and suddenly find out from a billboard that there's a Gran Turismo movie with the tagline "FROM GAMER TO RACER"

Ahhh im feeling so scoglepilled... While i enjoy the newest video game [checking wikipedia] Starcraft. Its so Nased (New Based)!

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i don't keep up with anything at all anymore because everything makes me anxious. so i need someone to tell me any hot new slang from the past year. and terms that are good and chill to use. "Scogled up" is my guess for one

👇 look of a stupid animal unaware they will be forced to move around

politics is full of drama and honestly it's toxic as hell..

for the record this is the least ban-worthy person ever in case anyone suspects i'm mad that @RacismPostsGuy is being Censored. i imagine it was a mass-blocking thing

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went looking for old mutuals. only fell back to this instance because i still had an account. i gotta figure out this activitypub thing

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