dudes who call themselves "content creators" be like Hey man wanna come over and Collab on a round of mario kart

asking a cat "what is it" between meows as if the next meow will be the one to clue me in

made a calculator to finish off this course. don't use it though it's clearly labeled my calculator zephie.net/evilsecret/calculat

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"yes! i get to use my Gravatar on this site" - guy i just made up

just found out matthew perry died, rip hope he's playing klonoa with his pants around his ankles in heaven

this is the month where christmas always happens. please stay safe

im learning javascript its fun. i made a little pixel art app. i will become able to assert dominance over my computer

i don't expect too much from myself anymore. not in a bad way that makes me not try as hard, more in an "it's ok if i have to re-read this page three times" way

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life been real chill since accepting i'm stupid. takes a load off

there have been insects crawling around in my monitor for days. and the worst part is i can't right-click interact with them

the ;) emoticon has never been good to use for any reason

now entering da next quarter century of my life. i'll do better this time

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