im back mostly because tumblr decided it wants to dive into hell.

why is this 15-minute long video over 1.5gb in size. what the fuck.

i guess later on it *does* make sense the raymond thing but im still 😮

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wouldnt it be more progressive to show young girls that they can do better than an old man, h

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why did they make eric raymond into a woman 🤔​
like if hes a bad dude. what would the point Be

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anyway, jem and the holograms movie livetootin below. im unlisting the chain to avoid spam™

like im aware its nothing like the show but i gotta see how... different it is by myself.

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ive been binge-watching the classic jem and the holograms tv series, and now im gonna watch jem, the movie™

im still bummed out about not being able to change my user handle like 500 times

oof its been a while since i last was here and honestly the masto brand™ changes are interesting! it seems the widespread has also grown +??

also hello just saying .i appreciate all the nonhuman folx around here

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