Gee I wonder why I'm suddenly active on the fediverse again :thaenkin::thaenkin::thaenkin:

yeah alright. after I get the current version of the site up and _maybe_ a system page, it's time to scrap any and all updates to it and move onto the new version

Really regretting not leaving notes on my different Fastly service versions X.X

really heckin gay 

Really just incredibly straight to meet a cute girl at the start of your transition, TF/TG, get a crush on said girl, and then start fantasizing about her color scheme tinting your fur when you're in a form she's TF'd you into. Can't imagine anything straighter TBQH.

"You can't just call it 'booping my snoot' and expect me not to do it!"
-My date tonight

I love being gay so much holy hecking heck yes. Being gay rocks.

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hey why can't i bioluminesce, this is an outrage, where's my receipt

hey everyone did u know...... dragons good

Delta and I went and got new office chairs last night and holy shoot did my back need a proper chair this feels so much better.

climate change, trump 

We have to start protesting this stuff. Look at what's happening to the air quality in Washington. This isn't normal. If we don't take a stand, this will be the fate of our planet.

AMA, I will do my best to respond (but only with “awoo”)

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its so still outside. it feels like the night is waiting. /i love this feeling/

it’s a very liminal feeling

Today is a wander around and explore day and I am 100% okay with that

Every part of me feels affected by this ridiculously hot summer day even the parts of me that aren't tangible. How the heck does that work. How does therianthropy even work? How the heck can my phantom fur feel /heavier/ because of the heat. How does this even work?!?

most people:
"Wow Hideo Kojima is a good game developer"
"Yeah he's a really good music curator. He always spotlights the best unheard of songs.

I'm homeless now, financial need, ongoing 

I live in a tent under a maple tree now.

My communication disability makes human interaction stressful, difficult, and occasionally makes me want to run further away.

I need funds to keep the process going.
The plasma torch and welding tools have helped me get my car running, now I'm trying to get it into a driveable state.

Please share here and elsewhere, literally anything helps.

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