Been a while but it's been a really crazy time. Just wanted to say that I have a new Monsterpit account for my NSFW thoughts and art.

Behold the idynoth, a race that hails from some cosmic, primordial ocean. Some call it "Bythos", others "Tehom" or "Abzu". Their world connects with ours through the dark waters in oceanic trenches or deep lochs, and they come bearing strange gifts and the promise of immortality.

Basically, I wanted to make my own Deep Ones, except without any of the racism old Howard stuffed his fishy people with. A gritty reboot of the Elm-chanted Forest. If only because I want the writers at the CW to stress out on how to add Michael J. Mushroom and his iconic song. YouTuBar. It's like a sports bar, but by YouTube! No sports or news here, just TVs showing men in cars screaming about females. Sit next to such YT memorabilia like Logan Paul's alien hat, Jeffrey Star's makeup palette or Kjelberg's antisemitic sign!
The menu includes such meals as:
- Sargon of a cod on a bed of Saffron rice Barker.
- Jenna Marbled steak with BBQ Vsauce.
- Totalbiscuits and gravy.
- Key Lime Pewdiepie Gargoyles comes back, picking up where Hunter's Moon Part 3 left off (we do not speak of Goliath Chronicles). Sadly, Drawn Together returns as well. "China was once under Chairman . Results: Total failure. Haven't our democrats learned anything from history?"

CW: Flashing lights, body horror.

My first GIF. Because if you're going to make mind-devouring cosmic horrors, of course you make them flashy!

CW: Body horror, hypnosis.

Look what I found in my attic! Warfield, the new Garfield-themed tabletop miniature wargame. Choose a faction, each more grimdark than the last: The legions of the Cat-Emperor, the Nermal Heresy, the Odious Odietes, the Us'acres Collective, Lasagnars and the Jons!

Spend a fortune on our products and watch in abject horror as right-wing memelords latch on to the game's totalitarian ideologies, making you too ashamed to play it!

Slapped some colors and the sloppiest shading just to get an idea of what The Goblin looks like. In an effort to win the hearts of the American youths, Biden will stream an anime marathon and offer witty remarks! Unfortunately, like a grandma in the 90's picking a VHS from Hollywood Video, Uncle Joe decided to go with La Blue Girl. The US Government has partnered with GOOP Labs to bring you the newest method to rid yourself of COVID. It's simple: you just have to inject a jade egg into your veins. Yes, the entire egg. No, not a solution or powdered jade. That would negate it's healing qualities. The. Whole. Egg.

I’ve just uploaded a playtest version of a new(-ish) one-page(-ish) tabletop RPG! Check out MYSTERIES OF MAGIC AND MONSTERS, featuring a character badge template by (with his hunky goblin as an example). Digital creator Hatsune Miku declares "Minecraft" is now "Ourscraft" and will turn it over to Creative Commons.

I'm in a two-person Ravnica campaign with @lukyuki . I'm playing an Orzhov loxodon and he's a Dimir minotaur (DIMIRNOTAUR!). To celebrate these two very bad boys, I designed a hybrid Dimir/Orzhov icon a la the Bonds cards from War of the Spark. "Eric PRINCE is looking for some QUEENS! Do you have what it takes to SLAY innocent civilians? Then come and WERRK for Academi, formerly Blackwater! That's right, we're not mercenaries, we're HER-CENARIES!" Mike Bloomberg will airlift an entire iceberg and drop it in the New Hampshire bay. He'll call it the Bloom-berg, carve it out and use it as his floating campaign headquarters.

New slogan: "The Bloom-berg stops the Bern!"

Character created for @sahoni 's X-Men-inspired game, Exceptionals. Wanted to show his character growth from scared mutant boy on issue #1 to a confident young man in issue #50. Introducing the Ford Avines, the only car that encourages reckless behavior by failing all safety standards. So go on, do it For-da-vines!

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