pet photos 

ill miss him so much, so so so much, i have so few photos from before he got sick.

im sorry some are rotated

phallic silhouette joke 

my boyfriend sent me this, theyre, not what i thought they would be...

theyre teeth from saw sharks

This is the book i read. It's about decomposition, and scavengers, and more meaningfully our connection to the global ecosystem. there's a few points i disagree with but its a very powerful book, and made me cry.

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hey my friend doesnt have insurance and cant afford their meds unless they get like 80 bucks so if you want some good art comm them maybe

my absolute bastard of a friend bought me this adopt as a gift from and i love them so much, another rat bastard of a friend drew me fanart too.

their name is windup and theyre 4 inches tall

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