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Oh yeah im selling art now lol?
15 dollars for flat color, 20 for shading! Ive only done fullbodies so far but i could probably do, not that.

i like furries and swords but i CAN draw other things

dm me if interest!


Just misread "The Legend of Grimrock" in our steam games list as "The Legend of Girldick"

I figured people here would be interested in that.

🌧️🌧️🌧️ 🌧️🌧️🌧️

🌲 🌳 🌲🌳
🌲 🌳 🌳🌳🌳 🌲

Rewording this as a public toot: Mastodon and other federating technologies give us power as communes that work together to our mutual benefit. Centralized platforms alienate us from our communities and from our humanity. It is VERY POWERFUL for us to have these communication tools and I hope that those of you new to the service will consider staying and becoming part of a federation.

Fedi/masto advice, ettiquette 

I've said this many times before but Mastodon is a unique opportunity to rewrite the rules of social engagement in social media. Please give some thought to what you are posting and participating in here and we can make Mastodon so much more than "Birdsite refuge." Let's be excellent to each other by default.

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Hey yall! has been my home for a good long while but i think im gonna move to

pet sad 

i keep thinking im gonna see him, around every corner

i cannot stress the importance that choosing the instance that's right for you will actually have on your overall experience

pet death, happy 

thank you monster hunter for letting me hang out with my cat even though he's gone

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