Town of Us satisfaction 

Oh that was sweet. Town of Us game, got the Sheriff role- you can shoot people but die if you hit a crewmate. Most of the time I don't get much done but this game oooh. :D

First round, only one person dies despite two hostile players. There's a fairly hard accuse, but there's also a Jester in play- who can win by getting falsely accused. So we pass. As the sheriff I follow the Jester, kill them, and immediately report.

The next round, I clear a teammate and as I'm following them around an Imposter kills them so I'm able to immediately dart in and kill the imposter, game over crew wins :D

(town is an among us mod)


re: Town of Us satisfaction 

I got to top this the other night :D

So Town of Us updated recently and added among other things the Grenadier imposter. Basically they throw flashbangs.

Once again the Sheriff. Four of us are near each other when a flashbang goes off. I immediately start dashing around randomly mashing the kill button.

Somehow between the imposter and me, NO ONE dies. In the next meeting I out myself as the Sheriff and, cackling slightly, inform the crew that "If you come near me I WILL SHOOT YOU."

Because being the Sheriff puts a target on my head. And lo, very next round someone role passes me and doubles back to go for the kill. I shoot first, they die. Scratch the serial killer.

At the end of the round several of us are once again clustered in a single room. Again flashbang. My screen goes white as I mash the kill button. The imposter, unaffected by the grenade, runs up to kill me...

...and dies to random murder-flailing.

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