It's #artvsartist2022 – here's what I've been doing! 

I design a lot of stuff that doesn't get posted. Much of it is document layout, most of which is artistic but not especially interesting to look at. Here are some samples of my more visually interesting stuff from the last year, arranged in the format for :

  • TL: "Fire", an abstract meditation on... fire. I did this for the temple I'm with, the Fellowship of the Phoenix.
  • TC: The "Markerstone Soup", a partially "translated" view of a somewhat fae newspaper from Destiny's Calling, a tabletop RPG I'm in.
  • TR: The "Rekkenmark Crimson", another fictional newspaper from DC. (The sample text is in fact nonsense.)
  • ML: A printable recipe format I've been developing that converts simple Markdown into simple HTML and bizarre CSS.
  • MC: It's me!
  • MR: Also a "Markerstone Soup" sample, this shows off more of the conlang fonts I developed for it. This is how it's meant to "read" – top-to-bottom, right-to-left.
  • BL: "Call it Cogstown", a piece for the cover of the "Shaarat Inquisitive" newspaper also from DC.
  • BC: An evolution chart for weapons found in the PS2 game Dark Cloud 2. I might finish it off and post it to a FAQ site... somewhere? Where's good these days?
  • BR: The Fellowship's logo (not my work) surrounded by heptagrams arranged in Pride flag colors (my work).

Today's visually startling LibreOffice bug. 

On the left, we have a logo from a OpenType font – using PostScript outlines for accuracy – as it appears in LibreOffice.

On the right, we have the results of an export to PDF. And yes, it's still selectable as if it were plain text, and Acrobat insists the font is embedded with Postscript outlines, so... what the heck?

This is what I get for allowing the ALTTP randomizer to randomize the palette.

It's the Barbie in Hyrule playset!

Why does Windows Explorer hurt me like this?

(Note the circled search term and the yellow "this part matched" highlights.)

Who among my friends remembers the cartoon series Galaxy High School? Specifically, the theme song? Before you listen to the attached audio, listen to a refresher first:

Okay, so how about an NES cover?

Yesterday, I got my mane colored for the very first time!

Well, just the tips, but that feels about right for now. Any bluish tint on the top is from lighting conditions.

I didn't expect this to boost my mood as much as it has!

So my family found a light-up unicorn sign with movable letters.... 

Of course, this is what I did with it.

Family tree software and gender negation. 

One of my tabletop RP characters has a family tree that's actually relevant to the game. To get a decent graph of it, I'm trying some software called "Gramps" which allows for custom attributes and such, but it falls down in a couple places.

Time to report an issue....

Inapplicable Mastodon error message? 


Via an account on a different server, I saw a post I wanted to boost from this account, so I plopped the post URL – – into the search bar like I've done before, but got this response: "Searching toots by their content is not enabled on this Mastodon server."

But... it's not by content, it's by URL. What causes this?

I don't selfie often, but when I do.... 

...I do it to show off new glasses.

Oh, and a new tee-shirt. (I got this one specifically for the tabletop RP in which I play a magical cyborg unicorn.)

xkcd, Windows 

Imagine this but for days (weeks!) after every Windows reinstall:

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