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tired: stuck in a meat body

wired: AOAB (assigned organic at boot)

I'm going to keep saying this until I'm metaphorically blue in the face: the best thing you can do to secure your accounts online is to use a password manager. A #blockchain provides absolutely no benefit over using different, strong passwords for all your accounts and using a password manager like #KeePass to keep them all in an encrypted file that you - and ONLY you - control.

Use 2FA for your most important accounts, but passwords still provide account security at the most fundamental level.

Defend Drag Queen Story Time, Renton WA, Sat Dec 10th 

The Brewmaster's Taproom in Renton, WA is going ahead with their Drag Queen Story Time on Saturday December 10th from 3pm to 5pm despite word of a planned protest.

If it is your Will and you are in the area, you may wish to coordinate and join with their defense.

#LGBTQIA #CommunityDefense #MutualAid #DragQueen #StoryTime #Renton

link to defense coordinators:

link to event announcement:

It's #artvsartist2022 – here's what I've been doing! 

I design a lot of stuff that doesn't get posted. Much of it is document layout, most of which is artistic but not especially interesting to look at. Here are some samples of my more visually interesting stuff from the last year, arranged in the format for :

  • TL: "Fire", an abstract meditation on... fire. I did this for the temple I'm with, the Fellowship of the Phoenix.
  • TC: The "Markerstone Soup", a partially "translated" view of a somewhat fae newspaper from Destiny's Calling, a tabletop RPG I'm in.
  • TR: The "Rekkenmark Crimson", another fictional newspaper from DC. (The sample text is in fact nonsense.)
  • ML: A printable recipe format I've been developing that converts simple Markdown into simple HTML and bizarre CSS.
  • MC: It's me!
  • MR: Also a "Markerstone Soup" sample, this shows off more of the conlang fonts I developed for it. This is how it's meant to "read" – top-to-bottom, right-to-left.
  • BL: "Call it Cogstown", a piece for the cover of the "Shaarat Inquisitive" newspaper also from DC.
  • BC: An evolution chart for weapons found in the PS2 game Dark Cloud 2. I might finish it off and post it to a FAQ site... somewhere? Where's good these days?
  • BR: The Fellowship's logo (not my work) surrounded by heptagrams arranged in Pride flag colors (my work).

So apparently hashtags don't work in a CW... which is the place I would most expect to see them. Good to know.

Image, fantasy creatures, firearm, blood 

Finished working on a started last week, half elf gunslinger and kitsune sorceress escape from an irate cave giant. They really riled it up!

Okay, I gotta know who in my ALttPR poll voted "every day" because that's been me lately. I set up a run that's kinda guaranteed to be between one and two hours, and that's been my early exercise to get my brain moving.

Also, @orrery and I have been playing occasional multiworld games. Good times!

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Had some time to add new features to #DOStodon, the Mastodon client for MS-DOS:
- implemented connection reuse
- you can now reply to toots by pressing R
- you can now clear the toot-composer by pressing DEL
- improved display of boosted toots
- added sounds

#JavaScript #MSDOS #RetroComputing #DOjS

"Commander Vimes didn’t like the phrase “The innocent have nothing to fear,” believing the innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like “The innocent have nothing to fear.”
Terry Pratchett; Snuff
#DiscWorld #PolicingBill

Sculpture of an oriental #dragon wrapped around a telephone pole, also in the #Seattle international district.

Due to personal reasons, I will be shining brightly & unapologetically taking up space for the foreseeable future.

"Are... are you going... up there?"
"Sure am, but look, kid - antineutronium, benzene, or ovipositor, nobody rides for free."
"...those words all rhyme in my language. You gettin' in, or what?"

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past... randomized?

All nautical vessels use she/her pronouns but postal ships are assigned mail at berth.

siting across from the captcha, nervous, sweating. select all the boxes containing a turtle? my mother? let me tell you about my m

Legit question: Is there a word for the phenomenon of missing an obvious detail through a project's development only to notice at the latest, most inconvenient moment for the folks working on the project?

I've done this to other folks a couple times lately and I wanna have a word to apologize for and beat myself over the head with (though not in that order).

They need us to drive their trucks.
They need us to shine their crowns.
And they need us to be the cops who beat our comrades down.


Describing my genderfluid experiences (talks a little about internalized prejudice and Black Joy) 

Because of the fact that there is no norm of Black people being genderfluid, I am not really beholden to any standards trans wise. Now, I still have to deal with racism and what not, but I am for the most part not held to some implicit standard like white trans women are as an example.

This gives me more room to experiment. I can wear a dress one day and a hoodie the next without fear of being put into a box within the trans community. I can commit egregious levels of genderfuck and since no norm exists for people like me, I can absolutely get away with it.

I take full advantage of this to be as freed from norms of gender as possible. I am a chaotic box that you never know what to expect because I can't even predict my own gender. This is how I can consistently find my own gender euphoria by having people constantly guess about my gender.

Anyways, feel free to give this a boost if you found this useful! 5/5 #Genderfluid

Just Asexual Things 

I really don’t like people using ‘intimacy’ as a euphemism for sex. Especially when they try to describe asexuality as “Oh, you can feel love you just don’t desire INTIMACY with people?”

Like hell I don’t desire /intimacy/. I desire emotional intimacy. I desire getting to know people intimately. I desire to have an intimate familiarity with the people I care about. I desire a deep understanding, a close mental model of each other. I even desire being physically close, as in tactile contact and closeness.

I just don’t desire anything involving genitals or secondary sex characteristics. That’s it.

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