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tired: stuck in a meat body

wired: AOAB (assigned organic at boot)

food, half-assed shitpost 

spaghetto and meatball. one noodle. one ball.

There's something amusing about imagining confused far-future archaeologists.
(half-hour doodle)

semi-evergreen vent toot, long (~1750 chars), re: FOSS, :boost_ok:โ€‹ 

FOSS is amazing and important. But the FOSS community as it currently stands is toxic to an insane degree.

News flash: Not everyone who uses FOSS programs is technical enough to make their own.

If someone complains about something they find inconvenient or inaccessible about a program they otherwise enjoy using, the correct answer is NOT to respond with "Why don't you just code it yourself?"

To only offer that response is to willingly ignore the fact that plenty of users (ourselves included) don't have the technical know-how to build something so complex, even if they fork your code. Whether intentional or not, you're implicitly gatekeeping so that the only people who can enjoy the same programs you do are the ones who can build their own.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that's leaving out a HUGE portion of potential users.

If you really do care about FOSS becoming mainstream, then it's in your best interests to make it as accessible as possible to everyone, not just the people who think like you do.

The only way to dismantle Big Tech's de facto monopoly is to work together to find a better solution. And refusing to objectively improve your precious source code is not the way to do that.

And guess what? Thanks to the Steam Deck, soon there's gonna be a bunch of non-techie people trying out Linux. You can't keep gatekeeping forever. If FOSS is to survive, it must adapt. Not exclude.

If you disagree with any of the above, YOU are the problem with the FOSS community. YOU are the reason FOSS isn't mainstream yet.

The block button's right there. Save yourself some time and use it. Nobody wants or needs to hear your rebuttal. Goodbye.

antitrust case against Google; collusion with Facebook & Microsoft

"Ok so, I just read through all 173 pages of the unredacted Google antitrust filing and I have to say that either Google is screwed or society is screwed, we'll find out which.

Unordered list of fun things I learned:

- google has a secret deal with facebook called "Jedi Blue" that they knew was so illegal that it has a whole section describing how they'll cover for each other if anyone finds out

- google appears to have a team called gTrade that is wholly dedicated to ad market manipulation

- Google is willing to do almost everything to prevent people from circumventing their ad exchanges
- This is what AMP is about

- Google habitually insider trades on their ad exchanges in every way you can think of and every way you can't.

- Google has worked with Facebook and Microsoft to discourage them from increasing user privacy, lamenting occasions where they prioritized their reputation over their collective business interest

- Google had a plan called "Project NERA" to turn the web into a walled garden they called "Not Owned But Operated". A core component of this was the forced logins to the chrome browser you've probably experienced (surprise!)


court docs:

Half a loaf of Metroid Dread. (No spoilers, except for maybe Fusion.) 

I'm actually enjoying this game, but there are so damn many buttons in active use (including the fucking click-your-analog-stick crap) that I frequently fumble and fire one shooty thingy when I really needed the other shooty thingy and then next thing I know I'm watching the "Samus' armor shatters to reveal that she doesn't look any different from before the accident and the Metroid DNA and also she's dead now" cutscene again. Or the "you missed the frame-perfect timing two times in a row so Samus is dead now" cutscene. Those are the best.

Speaking of cutscenes, I'm kinda ticked. I took a shuttle from one zone to a new area and thought, "These are pretty slow loads and I'll just show up in an empty shuttle station so I'll go grab something from the kitchen real quick." Then I came back halfway through an obviously important cutscene with no way to see it again other than reloading a save and redoing some exploration. Ugh. What year is this, again?

Also, this far into the series and I still don't know why Metroid can't crawl.

Buns of steel
Abs of aluminum
Thighs of 80% post-consumer waste plastic

gf took a bad picture of the cat. it's the best cat picture ever taken

I want to live in a world of extreme body polymorphism. I want a world where someone can be a human, or furry, or elvan fae, four legged wolf, giant dragon, a collective of foxes, small box robot on wheels, hive of nanobots, copyright infringement, abstract geometry...

I want a world where any conceivable thing can be considered as a form, to have "personhood", and efforts are made to allow all those types of being to exist relatively in the same culture, to the best of our efforts.

wasted an evening figuring out why trees were rendering too big in this game; turns out they were using log scaling

D&D character idea 

Kobold artificer armorer whomst anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian after an asshole dragon took over their home.

The only reason to be using Netflix today is to cancel your account. Watching anything on it is crossing a picket line.
RT @Phil_Lewis_
Netflix has fired the organizer of the upcoming employee walkout on October 20

The employee, who is Black and pregnant, was encouraging employees and allies to walk out of work in protest of Netflixโ€™s handling of the Dave Chappelle special

- task name: Need gravedigging
- user story: As a developer, I want to be able to dig my own grave and jump in it so I don't have to deal with scrum's aggressive boilerplate and weird ceremonies.
- story points: 3
- outcome: not completed
- reason: shovel will arrive next sprint

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- the user's time is not yours, and wasting it is unacceptable. this means that you must both make the product easy to learn and easy to customize, automate, and accelerate

- if you tell the user that something has happened, saved, or worked, and it has not, you owe them money

- telling users what has actually gone wrong when an error or exception occurs not only helps them make better decisions but also reduces load on your customer success team. "sorry, something has gone wrong" is unacceptable and insufficient

- users will happily update their software to avoid security problems, lose bugs, increase performance or gain features. they will not do so if all you say is "bugfixes and performance improvements". if you do that and then people get hacked through an old version, that is your fault

The best things you can say about a computer are "it has not broken down today" and "it has not broken anything else today".

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon... on NES!

My album MOON8 is once again available on cartridge, and vinyl too!

Given that language is a virus, I feel that makes linguistics the epidemiology of memes.

There's only one way to enjoy Metroid Dread. (No spoilers!) 

More accurately, there's a whole lot of one-ways to enjoy Metroid Dread. As in, the level designers really, really loved littering the map with numerous one-way loops and all sorts of different ways to close off multiple paths. It's like they heard my complaining about Bloodstained's super-aggravating one-ways, and decided the better way would be to make a whole raft of moderately aggravating ones.

Still playing, but doing an awful lot of eye-rolling... and not just at "Adam" talking down to Samus. Don't spoil me, but I hope that asshole gets demoted from commanding officer to self-checkout voice. Yeah, Adam, I have my club card.

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