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tired: stuck in a meat body

wired: AOAB (assigned organic at boot)

one day some nerd thought it would be a good idea to record events that happened. the rest, as they say, is history

you've heard of emotional support animals now get ready for,

coping mecha

"Daemons run on a Basic Incantation/Oath System."

Tech; socialism; democratization of tech 

"Because all the day’s computers, including Galaksija, ran their programs on cassette, Regasek thought Modli might broadcast programs over the airwaves as audio during his show. The idea was that listeners could tape the programs off their receivers as they were broadcast, then load them into their personal machines.

An overnight sensation, this DJing practice quickly became a staple on Modli’s show. In the ensuing months, Ventilator 202 broadcast hundreds of computer programs. During the hour, Modli would announce when the segment was approaching, signaling to his listeners that it was time for them to fetch their equipment, cue up a tape, and get ready to hit record. Fans began to write programs with the expressed intention of mailing them into the station and broadcasting them during the segment."

#tech #democracy #socialism #computing #radio #preinternet

the interrobang is an underused punctuation mark and I will put up a token resistance on this hillβ€½

the ________:

Password shenanigans. 

I can pay the bill for my TMS provider online, which is great, but the account setup procedure is the worst:

β€’ limited to 6–15 characters
β€’ case-insensitive
β€’ doesn't allow non-alphanumerics
β€’ ... but never reveals this fact
β€’ though leaving the password blank shows an error message, any amount of text is accepted
β€’ but on submitting it hangs indefinitely!

At least it didn't set up the account with a password I couldn't enter! In fact, it didn't set anything up at all and I had to re-enter all the info and guess at password limitations until it took one.

But it must be secure; it has a Google reCaptcha! *bangs head on desk until the Internet breaks*

The Internet treats nuance as damage and routes around it

me turning into arcane dust the moment the word "furcadia" escapes my lips

Today's glimpse into the Museum of Website Oddities: WorldAnvil 

For some reason, WorldAnvil allows use of the enhanced BBcode editor in the textbox for serving custom page CSS... but not for writing character journals.

<insert shrug emoticon here>

the idiom economy is in dire straits. an ounce of prevention is currently worth only a couple ounces of cure. a bird in the hand is actually worth less than one in the bush. it's mayhem

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