reposting art. furry and robots 

actually, now that I think about it two of my personal favorite pieces are very similar thematically/visually


re: reposting art. furry and robots 

@fluxom_alt that second one looks really nice

maintenance on your synth gf

re: reposting art. furry and robots 

@Felthry yeah I'm super proud of how the whole thing turned out, especially the contrasting between the incredibly complicated interior bits and the smooth simplified exterior plating

re: reposting art. furry and robots 

@fluxom_alt I don't know much about all this technical art stuff or what specifically appeals to me about it but it's like really well drawn and i like it and it tells a story that i think feels really cozy

re: reposting art. furry and robots 

@Felthry thank you!!! and tbh you don't really need to have any technical art expertise to be able to give meaningful commentary on a piece, as even something as simple as talking about a gut feeling the pic gives is already good words

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