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Guide to post signatures (:boost_no:​) 

We've noticed that, when we sign posts as both of us, we tend to sign them differently depending on how exactly we're co-fronting at the moment. So here's a brief explanation of how I think we're using them--we're doing this however feels right, though, so this isn't a definitive guide.

-F: Post by Felthry alone
-R: Post by Rosemary alone
-F&R: Post by both of us, with Felthry as the main fronter who wrote it
-R&F: Post by both of us, with Rosemary as the main fronter who wrote it
-F/R: Post written by Felthry on behalf of Rosemary
-R/F: Post written by Rosemary on behalf of Felthry

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- Electronics engineering (from theory to soldering technique, pcb design, and sourcing components)
- Electronics repair
- Bits and pieces of cosmology, astrophysics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, and general relativity
- Some aspects of college/university life, but you're probably better off asking someone else
- Recommendations for fantasy novels and really good rpgs (including both old and new hidden gems)
- PC building
- low-spoons food
- an eclectic collection of trivia

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neat trivia: every enemy in kirby's dreamland is individually programmed. none of them have any AI and none of them refer back to other ones, it's literally "this enemy uses this sprite and is at this location at this time, and then it's this sprite at this location, and then"


If you were to be two-headed and buy a hoodie designed for someone two-headed, would you prefer:

-F on behalf of R

positive subtoot, twinning stuff, probably kinda confusing 

it's so much easier to feel good about yourself when yourself is a separate entity, honestly

I'm pretty hot~

in the process of making this poll i found this quote when getting the juice box emoji:

"Originally proposed as juice emoji, beverage box emoji can be used to talk about juice or other liquids that come in boxes with straws. It can also be used metaphorically to talk about power, energy, respect, or an elusive quality that makes someone special."

what on earth is it talking about with that second sentence

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did anyone else find the harp songs in oracle of ages to be a massive disappointment after the actually interesting ocarina songs in oot and mm?

"operators or equipment", something about that just sounds vaguely amusing

"BTU·in/hr·ft²·°F" is a very cursed unit of thermal conductivity

*(link's awakening heart refill noise)*

the marx generator, the people's high voltage

there are water chestnuts and earthapples (in old english, refers to the cucumber, while the french cognate pomme de terre refers to potatoes)

where are the windpeas or firelemons

apparently pikmin has deep lore??


@DarkOverord also sorry i think i'm probably coming off as more upset/exasperated than i actually am

remember when wind waker came out and everyone hated it for its graphics and then it turned out to be arguably the best zelda game to date

help now we're thinking about trying to collect physical versions of the soundtracks we really like

today we learned: there's an official lego NES

today we decided: i want that lego NES

today we learned: that lego NES is $230

today we decided: we don't want it that much

okay, this digiorno stromboli is decidedly underwhelming

lesson learned, get stromboli from an actual pizzaria next time

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