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Guide to post signatures (:boost_no:​) 

We've noticed that, when we sign posts as both of us, we tend to sign them differently depending on how exactly we're co-fronting at the moment. So here's a brief explanation of how I think we're using them--we're doing this however feels right, though, so this isn't a definitive guide.

-F: Post by Felthry alone
-R: Post by Rosemary alone
-F&R: Post by both of us, with Felthry as the main fronter who wrote it
-R&F: Post by both of us, with Rosemary as the main fronter who wrote it
-F/R: Post written by Felthry on behalf of Rosemary
-R/F: Post written by Rosemary on behalf of Felthry

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- Electronics engineering (from theory to soldering technique, pcb design, and sourcing components)
- Electronics repair
- Bits and pieces of cosmology, astrophysics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, and general relativity
- Some aspects of college/university life, but you're probably better off asking someone else
- Recommendations for fantasy novels and really good rpgs (including both old and new hidden gems)
- PC building
- low-spoons food
- an eclectic collection of trivia

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happy 30th anniversary to #Myst tomorrow!! i don't normally do much pixel art, it was fun to stretch a bit #art

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High Noon 🤠☀ Commission for Jestrab on FA! :D

Higher res version, timelapse video, and drawing stage snapshots on my Patreon!

[ #Avians #FurryArt #MastoArt #Commission ]

...i imagine anyone who's never lived there visiting the US south at the wrong time will be *very* surprised by the monthly tornado siren test

even more so when no one around them reacts to it

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just spent three hours in a meeting waiting for the fifteen-minute segment they needed us to be present for

random thought: europe and environs has forks, east asia has chopsticks, what other sorts of eating utensils do other cultures have/had in the past?

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We were trying to think of something fun to draw and a friend was talking about #ffxiv and tarot and then this idea jumped into our head.

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For the one year anniversary of JWST, a *magnificent* image of an active star-forming region in the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex. About 390 lightyears away in the constellation Ophiuchus. Molecular hydogen is shown n red, lighter colored gas around the bright central star is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

More info:

Extended description:

Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, K. Pontoppidan (STScI)
Image Processing: A. Pagan (STScI)

all the ca-dmv-bot posts make us really want to know

what does the california dmv have against area codes???

apparently in the earliest drafts of the hobbit, gandalf was named bladorthin

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