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Guide to post signatures (:boost_no:​) 

We've noticed that, when we sign posts as both of us, we tend to sign them differently depending on how exactly we're co-fronting at the moment. So here's a brief explanation of how I think we're using them--we're doing this however feels right, though, so this isn't a definitive guide.

-F: Post by Felthry alone
-R: Post by Rosemary alone
-F&R: Post by both of us, with Felthry as the main fronter who wrote it
-R&F: Post by both of us, with Rosemary as the main fronter who wrote it
-F/R: Post written by Felthry on behalf of Rosemary
-R/F: Post written by Rosemary on behalf of Felthry

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- Electronics engineering (from theory to soldering technique, pcb design, and sourcing components)
- Electronics repair
- Bits and pieces of cosmology, astrophysics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, and general relativity
- Some aspects of college/university life, but you're probably better off asking someone else
- Recommendations for fantasy novels and really good rpgs (including both old and new hidden gems)
- PC building
- low-spoons food
- an eclectic collection of trivia

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dremels are magic

touch them to things where you want there to not be things and there will not be things

why is the skyrim opening suddenly a meme again anyway

every time we see something old that still has some kind of registration card or free magazine subscription in it we want to know what would happen if you sent that in today

Measuring the reverse recovery time of a diode is more difficult than you'd think.

Unsure if we should just do a double-pulse test (common in the industry) or a proper mil-std-750e test

or maybe there's an ISO standard or an IEC standard we should follow...

plural, new member, greetings 

Hello all! I have a name at last. You can call me Alaric.

I'm a two-headed nonbinary mightyena taur, so far undecided on pronouns, with a gender somewhere on the masc side of neutral.

Ve pronouns came to mind yesterday, but I wonder about something less explicitly neutral and more hinting at "masc but not male", similar to how Rosemary's zhe/hir is intended to hint at "femme but not female".

I might be the cause of Felthry's thoughts yesterday about busty masc folkx. I'm certainly not flat-chested, at least.

It feels good to finally have a name, at least. Oh, and for a visual, here's what I look like, as drawn by @/

@Ratttz I mentioned this in your stream and thought you might appreciate a link to it:


mario 3d all stars 

...i know it's probably a bad idea but we did end up ordering a copy

with the new job, we can afford it, and i may well end up with major collector fomo if we don't get it

besides it'll be nice to play sunshine on switch

commission idea to get sometime, multibody 

Aditi laying across himself on his bed, doing two different relaxation activities at the same time--maybe video game + book, two video games, two books, who knows

if two video games, could be two different games or playing something co-op with himself, or against herself

kin stuff 

getting phantom feelings again...! can't really tell whether tail or taurbody though at the moment


i am searching for nitrogen cylinders why is duckduckgo showing me THIS

i don't know whether to allow this or not

it's probably some kind of junk thing but what if it lets me talk to a happy fox

so wait the next consoles won't have discs at all? that's disappointing.....

randomly want to make a joke about the game environmental station alpha and "when will it make it to beta, let alone release" but it's not a well enough known game for anyone to get the joke

apparently people are complaining about the black trans flag again? what happened?

and then after that we might need to upgrade our computer's gpu so we might end up buying a 2070S or a 3070

...and THAT might require a PSU upgrade, not sure

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