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- Electronics engineering (from theory to soldering technique, pcb design, and sourcing components)
- Electronics repair
- Bits and pieces of cosmology, astrophysics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, and general relativity
- Some aspects of college/university life, but you're probably better off asking someone else
- Recommendations for fantasy novels and really good rpgs (including both old and new hidden gems)
- PC building
- low-spoons food
- an eclectic collection of trivia

a civilization-like grand strategy game, but whenever a battle occurs it becomes a fire-emblem-like tactics game, but whenever a unit attacks another it becomes a street-fighter-like fighting game

re: tales of vesperia 

tales of vesperia 

hm. the xbox is hardware, not software. also famously huge. why is it called the microsoft xbox and not the macrohard xbox

now it *would* be weird if they translated german as though it were the demonym and not a personal name, but I strongly doubt that would happen

What do they call german chocolate cake in germany, i wonder

then again it's not named after the country so maybe it won't matter

Felþry booped

screenshot of that one legit really good mcelroy tweet

tales of vesperia 

re: Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition spoilers 

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition spoilers 

actually i didn't save after so i can still try to reproduce it!! going to do that, hold on

augh i feel really bad about not thinking in time to screen capture that glitch, it's important for archival stuff

can someone please provide reassurances or something

spoilers, reproducing the glitch re: tales of vesperia 

re: tales of vesperia 

tales of vesperia 

Hmm, that's three times now we've had the switch port of Tales of Vesperia crash on us... hasn't caused much trouble so far since we save frequently but it's a bit annoying

Felþry booped

UK politics 

Felþry booped

got a weird double-right-angle 180° usb cable thing and let me tell you, it is really nice being able to hold a switch comfortably while it's charging

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