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- Electronics engineering (from theory to soldering technique, pcb design, and sourcing components)
- Electronics repair
- Bits and pieces of cosmology, astrophysics, chemistry, advanced mathematics, and general relativity
- Some aspects of college/university life, but you're probably better off asking someone else
- Recommendations for fantasy novels and really good rpgs (including both old and new hidden gems)
- PC building
- low-spoons food
- an eclectic collection of trivia

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why are mario seconds less than a second anyway

has anyone ever actually seen a toad using a toadstool as a stool

i'm not convinced they do that

does anyone know how to get youtube to go back to its old layout? our workarounds have all stopped working

...might be looking into some non-youtube thing for watching youtube soon if this can't be fixed

discomfort for some reason? 


people using the clown emoji to comment on someone being bigoted feels really uncomfortable to us for some reason

and like we don't like clowns but that's not it--it feels a lot like alt-right-style covert signalling


species euphoria + re: species dysphoria -, request for validation 

thank you all 💚

this has helped way more than I thought it would and I really need to be willing to ask for this sort of thing more often

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species dysphoria -, request for validation 

bleh... feeling dysphoric about not having two heads right now and could really do with some shape-affirming stuff

pokemon gen 2 is a really cozy game... from the atmosphere to the music it just feels like a really comfortable place and also like a real place

probably because it's very heavily based on an actual part of japan, and more rural than the bit that gen 1 was based on, and it's before there was a lot of really overtly/visibly futuristicky stuff in the series

were all the super mario world bosses named after musicians in the original japanese, or was that something the translators added?

you can technically say that you're undefeated at any game or competition that you have never played

why is the collision on that one corner in super mario world a sprite and not just a normal tile

assistance request, paypal link 

so uh, hey, anyone able to help us out a bit? We're running low on food and we won't have much money leftover after paying bills tomorrow

Donations needed, covid-19

"The Ashaninka People of the Amônia River, from the Apiwtxa village, are making a call to support the indigenous and other traditional communities of the Upper Juruá River in Marechal Thaumaturgo, Acre, Brazil.

Our purpose is to raise funds for the purchase of support kits for indigenous and non-indigenous families who live in the forest, to help them in this moment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The kits bring food, equipment, and essential products for the forest dwellers both for daily consumption and to strengthen their local production."

"All donations raised through this campaign will be destined to the emergency actions organised by the Guarani and Kaiowá Councils, indigenous organisations who are engaged in active efforts to combat and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in indigenous territories.

One of the most urgent actions are the sanitary blockades, a means of slowing the spread of the virus in our communities. There are over 25 blockades which need monthly maintenance with protective equipment, hygiene materials, thermometers, basic shelter structures and food parcels for volunteers.

The second front of action is directed towards the protection of our elders, who are the guardians of traditional knowledge and cultural history.

These emergency survival interventions do not excuse the government from its responsibility to protect indigenous health, set out in the Federal Constitution on 1988. We do not receive any support from the State, and all our actions are possible as a result of your donations. We thank you for your support which helps strengthen our fight for the survival of our People. please share our campaign in your networks."

From a foreigner's standpoint, Brazilian Reais are really cheap right now, so if you can, please donate to these and other campaigns that use BRL, especially if your currency is US dollars or Euro.

why do you get nicknames like bill and bob for william and robert? they're entirely different consonants

no one is named billiam or bobert

what exactly is a "found footage movie"?

also reminder that they're downright adorable

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reminder that the bat-eared fox, *Otocyon megalotis*, has a binomial name that literally translates to Eardog bigears

Oh I love this


KitsuShishoDatamon, the Mega-Digivolution of Data. She represent the avatar of written knowledge in that form.


our answer to this, if you're curious, is that they mean the same thing, but calling it a bug has implications that it's less significant, and calling it a glitch implies that it's more significant

In the context of video games, "the life counter doesn't render correctly for a few frames after you get a 1-up" would be a bug, and "the HUD disappears and doesn't return until you reboot the game if you get a bonus time pickup on the same frame the timer runs out" would be a glitch


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