preferred pasta sauce:

honestly personally we like to have a mixture of at least two of the (serious) option. pesto goes well with either red sauce or white sauce, and red and white mix together well too. and then you can just mix all three of them if you want that too!

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honestly i feel like alfredo sauce plus soy sauce might actually be possible to make work, but you'd need to know what you're doing and get the mixture just right

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okay who voted ketchup and was that a serious answer or a joke

it's fine if it was a serious answer, i just included that as a joke and wasn't expecting anyone to actually pick it

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@Galuade this implies you'd pick something not listed here; what would you go with? (we'd go with a mixture, but i didn't want to make the poll super long)

@Felthry one of the chains has this jalapeno white sauce that is 👌

@Felthry I dont really know what kind of sauce it is other than "its white and a little bit spicy" but mmmmmmm

@Galuade ooh, that does sound promising

my guess would be an alfredo base with jalapeño and probably also other seasonings, probably garlic at least

@Felthry looking at whats in alfredo sauce and yeah you're probably right

@Felthry @rey depends on the pasta for me but marinara is usually a good choice

@fluffy @rey yeah it's hard to go wrong with a marinara (unless it's too chunky. we don't like chunky marinara)

@Felthry @rey I’ll go with seasoned butter or oil for a more delicately flavored pasta though, like mushroom ravioli or black garlic fettuccine

@fluffy @rey I don't think we've ever tried black garlic!

@Felthry @rey oh it’s very good! I made a bunch of black garlic myself and it’s wonderful in homemade pasta. Kind of a lot of effort to go to though.

@fluffy @rey *made* it??

*ducks it*

Oh, okay. I thought we were talking about _Allium nigrum_, also called black garlic

@fluffy @rey yeah i'm not sure A. nigrum is even edible. reportedly it doesn't smell like either onion or garlic, which is odd for an allium species; i'd assume it tastes like neither as well

@Felthry @rey yeah I hadn't heard of the one you thought it was before, but it's described as being "ornamental" so I'm guessing it's not good eats. is how I went about fermenting garlic over the course of 45 days or so.


@Felthry When I was a kid I didn't like tomato sauce, so I would have spaghetti with just butter on it and it was fucking great. Nowadays I usually do some sort of tomato sauce mix plus hamburger and a bit of garlic/onion, or I have this spinach spaghetti that I mix in olive oil and add garlic and other seasonings and it turns out great. Both are nice for different palates


@Felthry Oh and also I always put butter on as well if I'm doing tomato sauce pasta. Salted butter flavor is an addiction lol

@Felthry I voted pesto... but in complete honesty, I've grown to prefer curry as a sauce.

@JulieSqveakaroo Interesting idea! Like a garam masala based sauce or something? or just, actual curry, meat and vegetables and all?


Some tikka masala, or some spinach paneer over noodles is great!


@Felthry On the topic of seemingly-joking-but-actually-serious answers, I know people who say mayo on pasta is really good. Never tried it myself, though!

@Felthry ...honestly, been trying to figure out what our answer to this is and i'm not sure we really... have one? its been so long since we've even really had any pasta, actually, let alone a situation where there was a choice of sauce (like making it)

@Felthry voted for "red sauce" but serious answer is "chili" - 🦊

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