Surveillance capitalism daydream 

A little mp3 player with little speakers that plays AI adversarial white noise at frequencies higher than the range of human hearing and makes Alexas overheat and eventually brick themselves


re: Surveillance capitalism daydream 

@bgcarlisle Oooh, neat, it takes advantage of sample aliasing. I imagine this would only really work on consumer stuff though, and then only modern stuff that relies on digitization of the recording (of course, the stuff that doesn't rely on digitization of the recording is notoriously bad anyway--80s electronics are not known for having good voice recognition); an analog filter circuit before the digitization would prevent this from working, as would simply sampling at a higher frequency and using a digital filter in software.

re: Surveillance capitalism daydream 

@bgcarlisle Basically: this is a great thing and would work to jam just about anything currently available, but as an electrical engineer I can think of a few ways to bypass it. The ways I can think of would *for the most part* require hardware changes, though.

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