Interesting thing: in (Spain) Spanish, we pronounce the English name Woody as "boody" and I have no idea why

The w in Spanish isn't used as a u sound, it's more like a gu sound, so logically it should sound a little more like "goody". But I guess this specific name uses the more German-y way of pronouncing w as v, and in Spanish the b and v sounds are the same


re: Language 

@socks I didn't know Spanish even had w, given how Spanish orthography influenced Nahuatl orthography (the Spanish missionaries used ⟨hu⟩ to represent /w/)

I wonder how the /g/ pronunciation came to be?

re: Language 

@Felthry It's definitely a strange case. Off the top of my head I can't even think of any words that use w and aren't loanwords, but it's there in the alphabet we're taught

In order to teach kids and such the example that's usually used is something like "waterpolo"

re: Language 

@socks orthography is weird

reminds me of how the only reason the latin alphabet has the letter k (that sound was already represented by c, after all) is because people insisted on using it for greek loanwords because greek stuff was Fancy at the time

why that letter and not literally any other part of the greek alphabet, i couldn't say

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