has anyone on here played the game "what the golf"? or just good with computers? we got it a while ago and just tried it today and it looks fun but every time you beat a level there's a golf clap sound effect that is *deeply* unpleasant to us (misophonia) and i would really like it if someone could tell us how to turn that off without also turning off every other sound effect

@Felthry Unfortunately I don't have the game so I'm only guessing, but if you got it off Steam you *might* be able to go into Programs (x86)/steamapps/common/[game folder] and find an /audio or /sfx folder or something like that?

If you do, you might be able to find the offending sound effect and replace it with, say, a second of silence. You can generate that with a program like Audacity. The important part is that it's the same filename and format as the original sound effect.

@Qwyrdo we're on steam deck, where is the steam folder on linux? -F

@Felthry Oooh, unfortunately I am not a Linux person, so I have no clue ∑:< But hopefully someone who's using a steam deck will see these posts and be able to help build on my suggestion? 🤞

@Felthry depending on what game engine they used you might be able to go into the games files and delete or replace the specific sound effect. If you're playing on steam you can right click the game in your library, pick properties and then "browse local files" (I'm pretty sure, not at PC to verify). From there just poke around the files to see if you can find the specific sound effect

@Felthry not sure as I've never used one nor do I have access to unfortunately

@Felthry my bad this is for pc still, I can't find anything specifically for deck rn

@lydia i'm trying to figure out how to do it on deck

@lydia i figured it out and got to the folder but it's just full of files called stuff like "sharedassets13.assets.resS" and stuff

@Felthry that's unfortunate, not sure what else you can do beyond that

@lydia as our noon dose of anxiety medicine kicks in it's become more tolerable at least

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